True generosity

Tonight was rent collection at our office. This is the last opportunity for our tenants to pay without the late fee. Tonight was a night I won’t forget for awhile.

There was a bit of a line early on. One man had scrimped money together but was still $45 short. When I say scrimped, he was paying with small bills and even coins. Anyway, he paid what he had and left.

The next man came to the desk. His balance was $615. He paid $620. When I told him he would have a $5 credit he pulled another 2 $20’s out and said he wanted to pay the last guy’s balance using his $5 credit. We verified that was what he really wanted to do and he said yes. So I have him a receipt showing the other guy’s balance $0 after the $45 payment.

During a quiet minute, I went and told the first guy that another had paid his balance. He was speechless. I thought he was going to cry. He just kept asking why with an amazed look on his face.

I’ve had people sometimes cover for friends, but these men were strangers to each other. The first guy didn’t ask or even know that the second would pay it. This was true generosity.


3 Responses

  1. That is truly a beautiful story – it warms the heart – thank you for sharting.

  2. Martine,
    Acts of true generosity are so rare these days, I just couldn’t not share. Too many people get charity and generosity mixed up. Charity is giving and expecting something back or giving when it is expected (such as holiday solicitations for the poor). Generosity is giving without expectations. The man owing the $45 certainly didn’t expect the next man to pay for him and the one paying didn’t expect the other to repay him.

  3. That is so cool.

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