Winter Fun

Yesterday was the last day of our nice weather. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We took advantage of it. Since there was still no snow on the ground, we went sliding on a couple of ponds. The ice was 4-6 inches thick. This was Karen’s first time. She was pretty unsure of the idea at first, especially when the ice started creaking and cracking. Everyone had fun sipping, sliding and falling.

There were also several methane bubbles trapped in the ice. Growing up, my husband used to “play” with these bubbles by chopping a small hole then quickly igniting it into a fountain of fire out of the ice. You never knew ice could burn did you? Anyway, we brought a propane torch and lit several of the bubbles. Most of them made small flames less than a foot tall. However, one was a fairly large gas bubble and it shot up about 4 feet tall. They all lasted less than a minute.

Also, we ran out of heating oil sometime Friday night so we’ve been heating with firewood again. I’m having to do all the work though because of my husband’s neck. Oh well. It’s good exercise. I split and the kids haul it inside. They won’t be able to haul it when we start using the one downstairs, but for now we’re just using the little stove upstairs. The wood pile is fairly good wood that’s easy to split. There are more downed trees to be cut up still out in our woods. It will be a relief to get them gone before forest fire season next summer. Our maintenance man seems to like doing it so I may ask him to spend some time building up my woodpile better.

Today it started snowing. The roads are a mess but the kids are loving it. They are able to go sledding on our new back driveway toward the house. Between hauling firewood and sledding, they’ve spent most of their free time outside today.


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