Save 8 cents

I realize some companies are offering more discounts than others, but this sale was a real puzzler.

We were in Office Max tonight when we saw a paper shredder on sale. It was out in the aisle with a large sale sign. It listed the sale price then the amount of savings, 8 cents. Hmmm. Sure, that is a lower price, but how many people are going to rush out and buy a $35 paper shredder just to save 8 cents? We got a good laugh out of it. Plus it gave me a teachable moment on value versus gimmick.


One Response

  1. Weird!
    We were in Kroger the other day, the gallon jugs of milk were $1.99, or you could buy 4 half gallon jugs for $5.00???? What is up with that? Of course we, and everyone else at the milk cooler stocked up on gallon jugs.

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