Our weekly schedule

I have finally settled into a weekly school schedule. We do 3 subjects everyday: language arts, reading and handwriting. The others we do 1 or 2 days each week. That way we can cover them in more detail at once without making our days too long, usually about 3-4 hours not including breaks. So here’s how our weeks seems to be working out:

Monday- reading, writing, language arts, history

Tuesday- reading, writing, language arts, Bible, math

Wednesday- reading, writing, language arts, science/health

Thursday- reading, writing, language arts, Bible, math

Friday- reading, writing, language arts, history

Math 2 days/week seems to be just the right amount for both kids. Tuesday is new material and Thursday is review. Occasionally, we will need to adjust the amount of review. There is a lot of history to cover so breaking it into 2 days keeps us from being overwhelmed while still covering the material adequately. (why did I take almost 2 years to figure this out?) For science, he reads in the morning then I try to do fun related activities in the afternoon with them both.

We have just finished American Story 1 and will be starting American Story 2 next week. I hope this new schedule will allow us to get through it all at a better pace than last year when I didn’t have a good schedule. We only did history and science if we had extra time or interest. I tried rotating weeks, but that didn’t help because we’d often miss a week (sometimes several). As a result, we didn’t get through everything in either subject. Using a schedule this year will make our weeks more predictable if we can stick to it. I’m going to post a copy on the refrigerator and my son’s wall so we can know what to expect.


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