The power of prayer

Last week our pickup truck quit working. Not altogether though. It just wouldn’t start after 2 hours unless left plugged in (block heater usually only needed colder than -20F). Then it was very reluctant to start. Once it started, it wasn’t running on all 6 cylinders and the check engine light was always on.

We decided to take it to a dealer to be fixed. They told us the engine needed replaced ($15,000!). Ugh. Now what? They could do more tests but that would cost at least $800 just for removing the engine to find out exactly what was wrong. We called other diesel shops and they suggested a compression test. The dealer did this and found it was out of spec and #6 wasn’t firing at all. Hmmm. I don’t know much about engines but was wondering about clogged injector(s) since it was acting fuel starved.

Anyway, we considered replacing the truck since it has over 250,000 miles now. We called the dealership where we bought this one in Spokane to have them look for us. They sent back pictures of a truck that would probably work with around 95,000 miles. Our needs are pretty specific. We need a heavy duty diesel, full bed, crew cab, manual transmission, with duelies. That all gets expensive. Still, the Spokane truck was just a bit more than we would spend on an engine.

While considering our options, we decided to ask the local dealer her about new trucks. They found one similar to our needs and we did a test drive. It cost $50,000 but they would pay off the balance of our existing truck loan against the new one. Yet, it wasn’t quite what we wanted.

One last thing to try before giving up on this truck. It was still having the same trouble when my husband picked it up from the dealer repair shop. He put some engine fuel cleaner stuff in it and drove home. We drove it hard some more to try to burn off any gunk out of the engine. It helped, but still wasn’t running well when we parked it for the night.

The next day my husband went out with a friend to dink with it. My daughter prayed asking God to fix daddy’s truck. She didn’t know he was outside or about to try starting it. Anyway, she just finished her prayer when he started it. The truck started right away on 5 of 6 cylinders then the 6th kicked in and the engine ran better than ever! We hadn’t plugged it in so the engine was cold. It’s now running fine.

While I don’t know what was wrong, I find it a bit too coincidental to have the problem clear up like that right after her prayer to say God doesn’t answer prayer. Sure, the engine cleaner may have made some difference, but I believe God was answering my daughter’s prayer.

God’s ways and timing are perfect. He was using the truck to teach us to depend upon Him and not be content in our ways.


4 Responses

  1. My kids got in the habit of praying before we tried to start our old Chevy. Cars and seminary didn’t mix well. We finally were able to get a new car under warranty. Figured it had to be cheaper than all the money we were burning up on the car, even after the rebuilt engine. The first time we got in the new car, I could hear them praying in the back seat. I started to tell them we didn’t have to do that anymore, but then I thought — why presume? We still needed God’s help even with a new one. I still thank Him for the car starting, and it has been years now.

    Enjoy your blog. Liz

  2. Liz,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your story.

  3. What a great story, and what a witness, the faith of a child is always an inspiration. I am glad to hear that your truck is behaving itself now, and more importantly that your daughter thought that she should pray about the situation and her prayer was answered. Praise GOD!

  4. Martine,
    Thanks. I must admit at the time I was more than a little surprised. Amazed might be a better word. My husband drove 200 miles with a heavy trailer yesterday without any problems. Definately, praise God.

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