Poster child

Last spring, I took the kids to the North American Open dog sled races in downtown Fairbanks with my sister in law. While we were there a photographer took some pictures of my kids. Yesterday, one of those pictures of my son was chosen to be on the cover of a brochure and posters for a state energy conference to be held this spring! It’s a head shot of Richard wearing his fur hat. They said it portrayed a “typical Alaskan child”. I will admit it’s a very good, cute picture of him.

How I got such a photogenic child, I’m not sure. I certainly don’t photograph very well. He’s now been on the cover of the newspaper once, on the statewide news once, on the local news twice, in a day camp brochure, on the Honolulu news once, and now this. None of these were planned for him to be a model. Most were featuring other things (except the Honolulu news, where he was featured being med-evaced by the Coast Guard off Midway for a broken leg when he was 3) and he just was a cute kid at the event, but the stories wound up using him. For instance the local news story was about assistive care animals at a health fair and he was petting a rabbit.


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