09-10 homeschool 2 month update

Where did the last 2 months go? It seems time just flew by. We got off to a bit of a rough start as the kids settled into school. Recently, they were sick then I went away for a 3 day weekend, so we’re a few days “behind”. I try to do school 5 days/week, but that doesn’t always happen. That’s ok since it all works out somehow in the end.

Karen’s kindergarten is great. We’re only on lesson 13 because she needed extra time on some days for review.  We haven’t been making the alphabet book recently. I’ll probably have her do the letters we’ve covered recently as a fun review. She’s starting to get the idea of sounding out words. It’s not as frustrating for her anymore. She’s really enjoying math and insists on doing all 6 pages in each lesson. She’s also doing Beginning Readers, puzzles, and other learning manipulative games.

Richard is finally settling in and getting his work done without too much hassle. We do have to give him rewards like computer time if he finishes all his school on time. Hopefully staying on task will become habit soon.

The math arrived and he’s doing well with multiplication. I’m glad they already explained things like 7×5 is the same answer as 5×7. I never learned that until algebra in high school and so struggled to learn all the multiplication table when really you only need to learn half. I’m following the same 2 day schedule as last year with new material on Tuesday and review on Thursday. I let him choose which review page to do in the lesson.

Science arrived (finally). We’re having fun learning about physics. He’s wanting to skip around which is hard to do this year. He needs to learn things in order or we have to fill in a lot of gaps which is frustrating. If we go in order, it works much better. Plus, it teaches him patience to wait for topics. We did do wheels, axles, and gears out of order first though because I wanted to ride bikes and knew it would be too late in the winter if we waited. I’ve somewhat coordinated the two programs and their labs.

We’re starting the Civil War and Western Pioneers as we finish American Story 1 for history. We’re not studying pioneer life much since we do many of the same things in our everyday life like heat with firewood, large gardens, conserve water, etc. It’s very similar to the subsistence/homestead lifestyle many Alaskans live today. We read Little House on the Prairie as a read aloud over the summer which we all enjoyed.

This week he’s reading a book about the Underground Railroad called Freedom Crossing. After that I’m going to have him read a book about Mennonites in the Shenandoah Valley at this time called War Torn Valley. It’s a very well written story giving more daily life details rather than battles like most history books focus on. It also gives a third perspective of the war, that of conscientious objectors. When we study WW1, I ‘m going to have him read about conscientious objectors in a military camp called Report For Duty. It also talks about the flu pandemic of 1818.

American Story 2 arrived. I’m not sure how the transition between AS1 and AS2 will be. It looks like more great reading and activities, although I haven’t looked over the teacher guide yet. One of the activites is panning for gold. It come with a rubber gold pan and some sand with mineral flakes in it. However, there are many places nearby where we can pan for real.

We had our planning meeting with the school district last week. Karen is officially pre-k so she has no specific goals. Richard’s goal for this school year is to learn to type. Rather than a typing program (although I may need to add one if he’s not making progress), I’m going to have him learn by typing his spelling, writing letters and stories. This fits in with his technology and some of the language arts standards.


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  1. When we were in Philly we visited the Arch Street Meeting House. It is a Quaker congregation that has been in existence since the 1600’s. It played an important roll in the American Revolution as well as being a stop on the Underground Railroad.

  2. Dee,
    That sounds neat.

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