A new color: white

Last night we were introduced to a new color: white. I don’t mean we studied white for kindergarten homeschool. No, I mean white as in snow. That’s right, we are having our first snow of the year. It is a week earlier than last year.

It started yesterday late morning with rain/snow mixed then turned to snow overnight. This morning we awoke to about an inch of snow on our porch and in the woods with more still falling. I let the kids take a break from their schoolwork to play outside. They had fun making snowballs. Richard also rode his bike.

It’s letting up now and expected to quit by noon. Nothing is sticking to the roads so driving is still good. They are wet but not icy. Temperatures are around freezing with highs supposed to be near 40 so I don’t expect this snow to stick around very long.

More snow is in the forecast starting Friday through the weekend. The organizational meeting for this winter’s junior dog mushers is Saturday.

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