Quick trip to Kodiak

I’m off early in the morning to spend the weekend at Kodiak where I’ll check on the boat and make sure it is ready for winter. I was originally scheduled to leave at noon and arrive in Kodiak around 3pm with 45 minute layover in Anchorage. However, the second airline changed the departure time earlier, leaving me just 30 minutes layover. Now, the Anchorage airport is pretty small and I’d probably be ok, but it’s illegal and I was forced to change my flights. I could either go later and arrive around 11pm or earlier and leave at 6am. Not very good either way. I decided to go earlier.

We were very careful in scheduling my tickets so that I’d only have to rent a car for 2 days. The change in times means I could either add another day for the car rental or twiddle my thumbs at the Kodiak airport for 5 hours *ugh*. Needless to say, I got another day of the car. I’m hoping I can talk the airline into a discount on my next flight for the hassle since it was their fault.

I’d better head to bed early tonight since my friend will pick me up at 430 in the morning to take me to the airport. I’ll be back on Monday evening. If you leave me a comment over the weekend, I’ll respond when I get back or Tuesday.


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