Sick boy

My son is sick today. He had a dry throat Sunday at church. Yesterday he stated coughing and had a stomach ache. Then a fever started last night. He woke up several times needing a drink of water. I also gave him some cough medicine at 2am. He’s happy but still sick today. I’ll try to have him rest today and hopefully take a nap this afternoon.

His sister went with his dad this morning to run errands. They’re bringing Taco Bell home for lunch. Hopefully the rest of us won’t come down with it.

I don’t know if this is a cold or flu. There’s a lot of flu going around recently.  No sense going to the doctor and exposing him to more sick people just to tell us if it’s the flu or not unless he gets significantly worse. It doesn’t matter. I’ll still treat it the same way: rest, soft foods, Coke for upset stomach, get well tea and lots of fluids, cough syrup when the cough gets bad. Fever is actually a good thing since its the body’s way to fight infections. I’ll monitor it and give Tylenol if it gets too high.

My husband says we’ll probably need to stop going to church and other public meetings for the winter. Limiting when we come into contact with others, the less chance of getting sick. We’re exposed to the public a lot already from showing apartments to strangers and dealing with tenants. It seems to help some. Our friends who don’t limit their winter outings get sick a lot more than we do.

4 Responses

  1. I hope you son is feeling better, or at least seems on the mend. Will keep you all in my prayers.

  2. Thank you. He’s doing a little better tonight but his sister now is coming down with it.

  3. Glad to hear he is feeling better, and isn’t that always the way with a bug, it travels around the family:) I remember one thanksgiving week, on Sunday one of the children started throwing up, by Tuesday, all four children had the bug, then my husband came down with it, on Wednesday I just did laundry all day, made jello, served 7up, and prayed that I would not get it. On Thursday, thanksgiving day, they were all on the mend, I felt a little quesy but was bound and detemined that we were going to enjoy our turkey, so with grit and determination I fixed everything, ended up enjoying the meal, everyone was feeling better, and I was the only one that did not get sick!

  4. My dad likes to remind me of my 7th birthday. I had the flu real bad. I’d already missed about 2 weeks of school. Mom was very sick too. Anyway, Dad made my favorite cake but I was soo sick I just wanted to go back to bed. He says I said something like “thanks, that looks good but I’m sick.” then went back to bed.

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