New patterns

Tonight I decided to buy a cape dress pattern. I need winter dresses but all that seem to be on E-bay are cotton. However, I’ll need more than a cotton dress for Alaskan winters at -40F. So, I’ll make my own from wool, flannel or knit. They’re pretty similar to the dress I just made for my daughter only larger and with the cape. The ladies at church have been encouraging me to sew for myself and complimented some of the cape dresses I’ve worn, which gives me an idea of what colors would look nice. Sewing is something my husband doesn’t mind me doing in my spare time either.

I looked at several different sites before narrowing down to 2 choices: Friend’s Patterns (#205 Contemporary Plain Dress) or Candle on the Hill (Ladies Simply Modest Dress). They both sound similar in included directions and options like elastic, sleeves, collars, etc. The Friend’s Patterns says their cape dress pattern has been used with CLE dressmaking lightunit. I have those and used them to help make my daughter’s dress. It was $15 with each size sold separately. However, Candle on the Hill included all sizes for only $4 more so I went with them since I’m supposedly loosing weight. It even has pockets. I also bought their girl’s nightgown pattern set and leggings which has patterns for every size from girls to women.

I cut out the pieces for another dress for my daughter tonight. She decided she wanted a pink zipper but the one I bought was too short. I’ll have to exchange it. I did use it to play with my new zipper foot (without the thread of course since I’ll be taking it back). That should help with the pucker and uneven stitches on the last dress. It’s kind of hard to put it on, but it sure will be nice if I’m going to be making more dresses.


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