Dresses on E-Bay

The past few days I have been browsing the selection of cape dresses on E-bay. You just type “Mennonite Dress” in the search box. This is where I get all of mine. The selection varies so I don’t always find something in my size or price range. However, this time I found 2.

E-bay gives recommendations based upon what you’ve recently bought to tempt you to buy more when logging in again. I had to laugh tonight at their choices. Keep in mind I bought cape dresses which are extremely modest, long, plain, handmade dresses. Anyway, they chose to offer me some of the most immodest, tight, short dresses available. I think a dish rag would cover better than these “dresses”. Yet they thought I would be interested in them after buying cape dresses. I guess they figure a dress is a dress. 😆


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