Labor Day

Tomorrow is Labor Day. A day which we honor workers here in the US. Mostly it is for union members as a way to show solidarity and thanks. I don’t like unions in their current, modern incarnation and consider them very un-Christian. However, that isn’t the point of this post. This post is to ponder Labor Day.

Labor Day honors workers for their earthly efforts. We need a spiritual Labor Day. A day of revival. A day to reward efforts to share the gospel to those around us. A day to honor those who are faithful to their heavenly job, not just their worldly one. A day to honor those who have stood on their convictions of faith in the face of persecution at work and in the world.

What have you done to be a Laborer of God where you work? Have you offered a co-worker help? Maybe you’ve invited a co-worker to church or shared a relevant Bible verse.

Hopefully, if you’re a Christian, your co-workers notice you are different, unless you are blessed enough to work in a Christian environment. You don’t have to stop being Christian when you go to work. Perhaps you don’t join in the gossip at coffee breaks or tell dirty jokes. Don’t be intimidated or afraid to take a stand. Perhaps you’ve even had to refuse to do something you were asked that was against your conscience. You may not be rewarded for your efforts. In fact, you may be laughed at, scorned or worse. But you will be rewarded in heaven.

I’m looking forward to an eternal Labor Day.


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