Probably changing churches

Without going into too many details for those who know me and read this, I am considering changing churches. I have been ever since the current one got their new pastor last summer. I just didn’t like any other churches I had visited better. Some were too far away. Some were too large and impersonal. Some seemed concerned more with works, looking good (either personally, as a group, or both), missions, etc than the spiritual health of their members. Several I disagreed with their doctrine, especially now that I’ve actually read the entire New Testament myself and can better see some false, misleading teaching. Some were Bible thumpers which I think is rude. I want to be a light, not a sledgehammer.

Anyway, last week I visited the church my brother and another family we know attends. They had a guest speaker so I was unable to get a feel for what a regular service was like. I decide to go again this week. The regular pastor was back. I liked what he said. It was very informative from the Bible with application for living a Christian life. It wasn’t dull nor feeling like I was sitting in a lecture. It was about the importance of having strong faith with references to Hebrews 11.

The people were nice, down to earth types. Plus, I wasn’t the only woman wearing a head covering. Not all the women did, but enough so I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone wore modest, good clothes. Not expensive suits and fancy dresses, nor did they look like they just got back from a Saturday picnic. The men and boys mostly had button front shirts with slacks (but very few had ties and no one had a jacket). The women and girls had basic dresses, skirts or jumpers and wore very little makeup or jewelry. It felt like they were really striving to follow 1 Timothy 2:9. A few of the other girls also had handmade dresses. However there were a few people in t-shirts and women in slacks. It was nice and felt comfortable.

There were other kids my kids’ ages to play with after the service. The kids stay with the family for the entire service. They have age group classes for kids and adults before the morning service rather than during the service. There were other homeschool families.

They sang hymns without instruments rather than the latest songs on the Christian radio station with a band. We liked and knew many of the hymns.

The church building itself is older. While rather large, it is modest without adornment either outside or inside the auditorium. The congregation sits in rows of padded pews on either side of the central aisle. Classes are held in classrooms in the basement.

So, I want to find out more about this church. I like what I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks. I really like the people at my current church, but that’s not enough to stay when it doesn’t feel right anymore.

I just checked out this church’s website. Wow! It’s not fancy but right on. It told me the basic beliefs of the church. Very Bible based and explicit. I really liked that. Check out their about page. It’s not just empty words. What I read is what I’ve seen, unlike some churches when after viewing their website you go then wonder if it is the same place because they aren’t practicing what they say. The more I investigate this church, the more I am inclined to think this is where God wants me now.


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  1. I found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading your posts. I think we have a lot in common. We are a homeschool family, and we are trying to live a godly, simple, life with our children.

    My husband preaches and teaches middle school, and I try to keep our home. We worship with a congregation that I believe tries to worship like the Christians we read about in the New Testament. I encourage you in your search for a congregation that tries to follow the Scriptures. The Lord will direct your steps if you will follow Him and His commandments. May the Lord bless and keep your family as you try to serve Him.

  2. We are also a Homeschooling family. My parents are in the ministry and my in laws are also. My husband just started to teach the youth classes in our church. We try to live our lives according to the word and nothing but the word. We love the old hymns but we also enjoy some of the new christian music. I find it difficult to find others who are raising their kids in the nurture and admoniton of the lord. We do dress what I like to call Modern Modest. My girls love to wear dresses but we also wear pants. To the point. I couldn’t help but notice that about 80% of what you wrote about the new church is about the outward appeartance of who was there and what the church looked like, and so on. only a little about the content of the sermon. I hope that you considered the value of what was being said over the traditions of dress and makeup, and jewlery wearing. I wish you the best. I also think it would be nice to be were your family and friends are. Happy Hunting

  3. Lacy,
    Thanks for visiting my site.

    The ultimate purpose of church is to learn and grow in the Lord with fellow believers. I did pay close attention to the sermon and liked what I heard. Back to the basics, backed up by the Bible. Live all for the Lord, even if you must face persecution for your faith. Not a message that’s preached very often anymore. Yes, I did spend a fair amount of this post on outward appearances. However, it is in the outward appearance that we can see evidence of inward fruit. Also, since I’ve only been there twice, I don’t know a lot about other aspects in much detail. I’m not saying I don’t like some of the new music, because I do. I just prefer hymns for worship. They usually seem much deeper and connect us to our past.

  4. Glad to hear your process also included substance

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