New dress fabric

When I was in WalMart this evening I browsed their cheap fabric and found a cute, middle weight, cotton print. It’s small checkers of dusty rose color on a pink background with dime sized blue flowers on dark green stems. I thought it would be good fall/winter print. I got 4 yards for less than $10.

I’ve never bought fabric at WalMart before. They were very busy with back to school shoppers tonight. There were only the 4 yards left on the bolt so I just brought the whole thing to the register. The clerk couldn’t get it rung up automatically since there was no bar code and was trying to figure out the price by hand (4 yds@$2.44/yd). Once I figured out her problem, it was easy to figure the price of $9.86. She seemed relieved when I told her the total price, and no one questioned me about it.

I was going to use it to make a dress for myself, but they only had 4 yards and I need about 5 (especially if I mess up). Still, it will be cute for Karen. I need to take her to the fabric store to choose a zipper and bias tape color. It will be sewn with white thread because I don’t want to buy an off color I’d only use this once.

I also need to make the flannel dress for her, but want to make this one first. Now you know what my projects will be the next few weeks. I was hoping to start tonight but didn’t get home in time to do wash. Since it’s 100% cotton it must be pre-washed before cut. It also wrinkles some, but for $10 that’s ok. After these, I’ll try to make myself a winter dress, but need to adjust the pattern smaller since I’ve lost weight.

I figure fabric, zipper, thread, and bias tape (for the neck and perhaps the cuffs) together will be about $15. Definitely much cheaper than store bought girls dresses, plus it will be modest cut and length which is rare to find these days.


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  1. It is always fun to find a good a deal on fabric. I am working on a shirt for my husband, and two shirts for my grandson. One of my grandson’s shirts is a light blue back ground fabric, with Humpty Dumpty print, and the other is a dark blue back ground fabric with Curious George fabric.
    As they say, so many fabrics, so little time!!!

  2. Those sound cute. What type of shirt? What pattern? I don’t want my son jealous of my sewing for his sister so if I could make him a shirt. It’s just that modest boy shirts are easier to buy cheap.

  3. McCall 4164, available in small – sizes 3,4,5, medium sizes 6,7,8, and large, sizes 10,11,12.

    I make basically the same shirt for my husband, the mens pattern is really no different from the boys, is easy to work with. I use a little boys pattern for my grandson Henry, it is sizes, 1/2,1,2,3,4. So you dress males from infancy thru adulthood in this nice shirt style 🙂

    It is a fun to make the shirts, and there are so many fun fabric patterns. The boy shirts use 1 and 5/8 at the most, of fabric, that is for the size 14, take four buttons and a bit of interfacing for the collar and front facings. A unique shirt can be made for around $6. The mens shirts take more fabric, and interfacing so will cost more to make.

    My husband has a bunch of shirts that I have made over the years, some are sports themed print, some outdoors themed print, and some just fun prints. My Mom also makes them for my Dad, he has a lot of fun prints.

  4. Martine,
    Thanks. I’ll have to look for that. He would need a medium.

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