2009 homeschool week 1

Today ends our first week of 2009-2010 homeschool year. It had its ups and downs as expected.

Karen did the first 6 lessons of Learning to Read. She learned letters d, s, m, f, and short a. It was hard for her to learn to listen for sounds in words but by the end of the week she was doing good. She still had trouble figuring out if a sound was at the beginning or end of the word. Practice helps. D is the hardest for her. I don’t understand why they start with it rather than a long sound but each day I see an improvement in her listening skills. Her handwriting is very good. She gets her d and a backwards some when she gets tired.

I am having her make an alphabet book. She picks out a piece of colored construction paper and crayon. I write the letter of the day. We then go through the ads to find things that begin with the letter of the day. That is a fun way to reinforce her learning with life and gives a good break from the workbook.

Today was an exciting day. She figured out on her own how to spell fan! That’s pretty exciting for me to see she discovered words are made up of sounds and letters. She was supposed to be listening for a in fan. She got a thinking then excited look and said fffaaannn f-a-n fan. Then she wanted to write it all on the line instead of just the a. After learning short a in the workbook, we read Mat, the first book of Bob Books. I had to tell her the sound of t and the word ‘on’, but she was otherwise able to read the book by herself. We read it together 3 times then she read it a few times to her favorite toys before putting it away.

Her math was pretty basic. She wanted to do all the pages in the first lesson of Math-U-See Primer which was counting 0-9. She then did 2 pages in Counting with Numbers about the number 6. Today we’re doing lesson 2 which is more counting and writing numbers. Again, she wanted to do all the pages. I tried to get her to skip a page and she got upset.

Richard had a difficult week. He had one good day, but the others were pretty bad. He just can’t stay focused therefore everything is a struggle. I think it may be for attention because I’m having to spend so much time with his sister. Still, we tried rewards with him but that didn’t help much. Today starts consequences. I’m getting pretty frustrated. I even gave him a hair cut in case having hair in his eyes was part of the problem.

He was goofing around so much on Wednesday that his dad gave him a choice. Either he finished the day’s work that day or he could have a day off. The catch was if he choose the day off, he wouldn’t get the weekend off but would have to work the next 9 days until next Saturday. He choose the day off. At least his dad said he’d help him on the weekend so I’m not overwhelmed.

Yesterday went well. Today started off another real struggle. It took 2 hours to do handwriting. Health took half an hour to get started. However, once he got started, he didn’t stop. He worked ahead. Then he apologized about it 😆

I put his work in a stack with an assignment list on top. I don’t care what order he does the work. Often he asks me what to do next. Today he went by what order the stack was in after health. Once he gets started working, he does great. It’s just getting him started that’s the trouble.

None of the things I’ve ordered for him recently have arrived yet. We’re still finishing up the history from last year but have no math. We’re doing the health book while waiting for the science to arrive. The first chapter is about good posture including labeling the skeleton.

His cursive handwriting workbook is about animals. He’s enjoying the little facts on the pages. Right now it’s a review of the strokes and letters. Later will be copy work. I try to have him do this first to settle him down to concentrate.

Overall, the work is getting done. The kids are learning. It’s just taking awhile longer for everyone settling into school mode. We have even managed to have a little fun.


4 Responses

  1. I have enjoyed reading your site – lots of valuable information and tips on homeschooling.

  2. I could’t help but feel like I was in the same boat. I have a little perfectionist myself and she takes so long to do one problem that pages last forever. I started making a page a race against the timer. I set the time reasonable for her to get done but push herself. She loves it! 10min for a front of a worksheet. 15min to write a rough draft. Etc. We have never had so much fun! We also love to take a quick break. I get kind of a wild look on my face and tell her she better Run. We chase eachother around the circle in our house she tries to get back to her chair before I catch her an tickle her. Afterwards the litttle boost of energy that race gives, helps us focus on getting done.

  3. Lacy,
    Sounds like fun. I use a timer sometimes myself, especially with my son. He gets extra reward if he beats the timer.

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