Learning to Read, lesson 1

Today Karen started Learning to Read from Christian Light Education. Lesson 1 was /d/. They have a rhyme and story that go along with the letter. D is about a duck. They call her Debbie Duck but I renamed it DeeDee Duck to reinforce the D. Karen had a bit of trouble. She’s not used to listening to parts of words but by the end of the lesson she was doing good. The first page of the lesson is a picture (the same as on the flash card) for her to color while I read the short story.

CLE combines phonics and handwriting. If the word picture starts with d they write d on the line. Most of the pictures were d. There were 2 pages like that with 3 lines of pictures. Before she did the writing pages, I had her practice on a magnetic drawing board. There was a page of visual discrimination where she circled the thing that was different from a group of 4. At the end they have a sight word, ‘do’. They write do several times saying the word and letters as they’re made, then circle it in a list with other words like go and so.

It took about 45 minutes to do this lesson. She had a lot of fun once we got over the tears relating to listening carefully. I think it was a confidence thing. (Her brother cried at first sometimes too) Anyway, at the end of the lesson she wanted to do the next one but I didn’t want to overload her so we’ll save that for Monday. It’s /s/ sun.

Now she’s taking a nap. When she wakes up we’ll go on a scavenger hunt around the house for things that start with d. So far all she knows is door so she wants to count how many doors we have. Hey, math connections on our first day!


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