It’s raining! Yeah!

Yeah! Hooray! It’s raining!

It started raining lightly yesterday. This is the beginning of our fall rainy season (I hope). The Tanana Valley State Fair starts tonight. It usually rains during the fair. It’s a nice, gentle rain. There is fog and cooler temperatures too. This morning is 54 degrees. I just started our furnace.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers for rain. The evacuation order for Anderson has been lifted. Many of the private websites discussing the fires and now the rain thank Mother Nature for this rain. A few even mention an Indian rain dance as the cause. God is above all these and in control.

How can someone believe in Mother Nature not God? The two seem to me the same. Perhaps because God is in control of everything, even us, while Mother Nature is only in control of the weather and nature? Perhaps because God requires sacrifice and righteousness while Mother Nature could care less what we do so it’s more convenient? People like to believe they are in control of their own lives without help. Mother Nature gives a reason for natural phenomenon out of our control. It is something to blame or thank. That’s too bad. How much better it is to believe in God who controls everything and you can call on in any times of trouble rather than leave to some unknown, impersonal thing like Mother Nature. Only 3 homes have been destroyed and no serious injuries despite 2.5 million acres of wildfires this year. If that’s not the hand of God then I don’t know what is.

We are very glad for the rains. After the heavy smoke the other day, it’s nice to breathe again. However, the air is far from clean. There is still smoke and it smells like a wet campfire outside. Yuck. I guess that’s a good thing though because it means the forest fires are slowing.

The bad news is the smoke and fog are grounding flights. No matter which way the wind blows we will get smoke. No flights in or out starting Wednesday at 430 in the afternoon. Alaska Airlines is diverting flights to Anchorage. Luckily by yesterday evening the fog had lifted a little so my husband’s flight to Anchorage for his doctor appointment today was only an hour and half late leaving. Now I just pray his flight home tomorrow will be able to get through.


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