Fitness update 2009 #14

This week was awful. We ate out a lot. I was rushed everywhere and didn’t take time for myself. It was extremely smoky outside from the more than half million acre forest fire burning less than 30 miles away.

We’re starting homeschool Monday. This means I need to set aside a specific time again to exercise and let everyone know that is my time. That worked well last spring and I was usually able to stick with it. During the summer I just exercised when I had a little extra time. Now that time will be taken up with homeschool in the morning and earlier bedtime in the evening. Since my weight is creeping up again, I really need to exercise regularly again.

I did go to the gym on Saturday. I had to go to the all hours gym because the doors were propped wide open at the other which let in the smoke. That was a great workout. My new exercise shorts are comfy but a bit hot. That’s ok with winter coming soon. I did 3 minutes walking on the treadmill, followed by 10 minutes jogging at 4, then 3 minutes of walking again. It said I’d run half a mile! I’d never run that far at once before. Then I did some free weights with an exercise ball. It really helps your abs to do upper arm weights while laying on one.

After the gym I went to one of our vacant apartment to shower since there aren’t any at the all hours gym. That was nice. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a towel and wound up using my exercise shorts as a towel. 😆 I just left my hair to drip dry.

Blaming the smoke, I haven’t done any other exercising this week. On Wednesday evening it was so bad they were interrupting the tv every 15 minutes telling people if they are having trouble breathing to call 911. They were advising people to seek shelter in the theater, a store, or the hospital if they can’t get away from the smoke where they were. I was in Fred Meyers and the smoke was even making that big store hazy inside. It’s better than being outside but still smoky. I had coats against my door and the curtains closed to keep out any draft.

Ray’s neck is still messed up. I’m doing more work for the apartments to compensate for his being unable to work. Also, he’s taking comfort in sweets and wanting to share. We had desserts 4 times last week. Did I eat less the next day to make up for it? NO! So much for no-S dieting *sigh*.

So all together this hasn’t been a very good week fitness wise for me. I kept hoping the smoke would clear but it hasn’t. The police are urging people to stay off the roads. It rained today so it’s not so bad today. They’re using pilot cars on the highway 50 miles south of us because of the smoke and firefighting efforts. This heavy smoke just leaves you exhausted doing everyday activities.

My plan for the upcoming week is get back on track with exercise and serious no-s eating, but it depends in part upon what the smoke is doing. No more seconds. No more sweets during the week. No more snacks. That’s another thing. With the smoke, I’ve been drinking a lot of sweet drinks to help keep my energy up and my throat clear. Hopefully the smoke will go away so I don’t have to do that anymore. I don’t even want to know how many calories I’ve drank lately. Smoke permitting, I can begin exercising either at the gym or at home with TurboJam videos.

I have over 8 pounds to loose to make this month’s weight goal. If I’m strict I have a chance. Ugh, yikes! I think I shouldn’t wait until tomorrow but go push play on the 20 minute routine now. That is if I can stay awake *yawn*. And it’s not yet 9pm, darn forest fire smoke.


5 Responses

  1. Wow, the smoke you are dealing with seems so daunting, I can’t even imagine.

  2. A gym with no showers? That doesn’t sound good.

  3. Alison,
    Thanks for returning the visit.
    Daunting and dangerous. I just read in yesterday’s paper that the air particulate reading meter was off the scale Thursday. It tops out at 1000 micorgrams per square meter. That’s a record.We’ve had 14 days officially called smoke days in July where the visibility was less than 6 miles due to smoke. Again, another record. The previous was in 2004 which had 13. We’ve already had 6 smoke days this month. Now that the fall rains have come it should clear up as long as it doesn’t dry out again.

  4. Dee,
    It’s a great gym. Its in a business park so it’s rather small. They have some lockers, 2 small changing rooms and a restroom. It’s open 24 hours with your normal gym id but it’s only staffed regular business hours so safety was a concern, therefore no showers. Still, it’s bright, clean, and new equipment. They must have good air handling because it never smells even when busy and there wasn’t any smoke when it was bad.

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