Almost ready for school

This afternoon I spent some time organizing our homeschool materials getting ready to start school on Monday. I straightened the beginning readers. I took everything off the shelf that held the teacher guides, work samples, and other things I use in the administration of my homeschool. I threw out old papers and duplicate catalogs, packed away old teacher guides for later use. Then, I organized what was left and put out the things for this year.

Quite an improvement. With both kids doing regular school this year, I need more organization. I had been just piling papers on the shelf to file “later”. It was quite a mess to sort out. For this year I have plastic upright baskets for each child’s teacher guides. I also have a binder with the WinterPromise teacher guide for Richard as well as separate binders for their work samples. The catalogs are all together at one end of the shelf. Karen’s kindergarten activity books are in the middle. I had to move her crayons down because I needed more space for her school stuff.

I also cleaned out my son’s desk a little, putting the old books and papers away. I still have 2 boxes of books with more on the way to figure out where to put. We will be needing a new bookcase for their school soon. Now I just have a pile of old coloring books and scribble drawings to decide what to do with. Any idea?

Finally, I went to WalMart and bought a few school supplies. It’s nice not to have to buy everything new each year like public schools. We can still use old crayons, pencils, etc and only buy things that are truly needed. They needed new paint, erasers, and dry erase markers. I also bought 2 notebooks with primary lines (the ones with the dotted lines in the middle) on the bottom of the page and the top is blank. I looked for them last year but couldn’t find anywhere so I got 2 this year just in case. Richard uses them for science journaling. I bought a manuscript dry erase practice pad notebook for Karen.

The kids are excited about starting school, especially Karen. In fact she started tonight. She did 3 pages of her numbers book. Two about ‘5’ and a cut/paste review of 1-5.

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  1. Those tablets are also called story paper or story tablets. You can get them through education supply stores in bulk. The school I taught in bought them by the reams.

  2. Unfortunately the school supply store up here went out of business 2 years ago. 😦 I’m surprised no one has come in with another one but the closest we have now is an expensive educational toy store.

  3. Check Mardels. They have Smart Start Story paper 100 pack for about $6. I know I have seen other types in their store. Not sure if you are familiar with them but they are a Christian bookstore, office supply and educational supply.

  4. I’ve never heard of them. We don’t have many stores up here to choose from other than Fred Meyer, WalMart, Michaels, JoAnn, or Safeway as far as national chain stores go.You have to buy while the buying is good for things like that now because you never know when or if it will be available again after they sell out.

  5. The Green family who owns Mardels also owns Hobby Lobby. You can order from them on-line.

  6. I have always been able to find these note books at our walmart any time of year. but every year it seems like they move them to a different part of the store

  7. We have the second largest WalMart in North America. I hate to wander around that huge store just to find a notebook. They seem more seasonal with stuff up here despite the store size. And their seasons don’t make sense for Alaska. it’s getting into the 30’s and they don’t have much warm clothes yet. Then in March when the kids mittens wear out and it’s still cold, they have swim suits and shorts for spring. We really have to pay attention and get stuff when they have it regardless of what season it is at the time.

  8. Could be in Florida and they have already told us to start putting out winter things.

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