3rd grade science

My son loves science, but not the watered down science textbooks for elementary students. He wants more detail then they usually provide. I looked through the 8 content standards he needs to cover for the next 2 levels. He does half this year then half next year. We decided to focus on physical science this year. Next year he would do life science and earth/space science although we did one of them already.

I found Real Science 4 Kids last year and we did level pre-1 biology and chemistry. It’s designed to do a lesson or two a week. He wouldn’t put the textbooks down; he read them cover to cover several times. The labs were great but the lab write ups were a bit lame and tedious at times with a lot of writing for lower elementary level. We often did the lab but our own write ups. Also, the teacher manual for this level was useless. It didn’t offer any additional information about the text or labs and had very few answers or extra examples. Still, overall it was a great science program.

We’re going to use Real Science 4 Kids level 1 physics (I’m ordering the lab manual and teacher’s guide as well hoping they are better than level pre-1 was). Also Heat & Energy, Machines & Motion, and Properties of Matter from the God’s Design series. The God’s Design series books will be able to use for several years focusing on different aspects as he advances. Eventually we hope to have the entire series. I’m also ordering Human Body from the series for his health standard this year.

I was able to order the textbooks and teacher guides from Rainbow Resource for $161.19 including shipping. Considering these 7 are pretty meaty science books and guides, that’s not bad. I really love Rainbow Resource. I can usually find what I want from mainstream publishers as well as many smaller companies. Their selection is great and so are their prices. They frequently beat even the publisher’s price.

I wanted to use a Scholastic Human Body activity book but it was out of print and therefore no longer available from Rainbow Resource. I found it on E-bay, but the price was double what it was originally. Oh well. It was still less than $20 and I really wanted to use it.


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