Homemade raspberry jam

Our house smells very homestead tonight. I made raspberry jam, bread, and banana bread. Plus, there’s wood smoke from the wildfires.

It’s also rather hot. The smoke from the wildfires is very bad, reducing visibility to less than 1 mile at times. We couldn’t open the windows because of the smoke. The world’s largest fire fighting plane, the Evergreen Supertanker, was brought in to help fight our huge fires. The Railbelt Fire Complex including the Minto Flats South fire is over 340,720 acres. The weather offers little relief or significant rain in the near future.

We picked raspberries over the weekend. Tonight we made them into jam. After smashing them, I found we were 1/4 cup short. Jam must be exact or it doesn’t turn out right. Luckily there were a few more on the bushes by the driveway. Just enough. We made 1 batch of jam which is 4 full and another 3/4 jar. Mmmm. I also made a loaf of bread but it turned out a brick instead for some reason.

Then there’s the bananas. I bought a big bag of ripe bananas Monday. Tonight I make 2 loaves of banana bread. With the ones we’ve eaten, about 1/3 of the bag is left. I may make more bread tomorrow.


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