Getting ready

It’s decided. We will begin our school year on Monday, August 10. This is a week before the public schools begin in Fairbanks. Tonight I announced our start date to my family. They took it well, but there’s still a lot to get done to be ready.

First there’s the house. Karen will be doing kindergarten and needs a desk. We have one in the basement that needs to be cleaned out and brought upstairs. Richard’s desk needs to be cleaned out of papers from last year then this year’s books put in. We also need to clean house thoroughly so I only need to do spot cleaning the first few weeks. My son got me a sandstone plaque that reads, “God blesses this kitchen but He doesn’t clean it”. 😆

Next is lesson preparation. I need to look through the teacher guides for the first few weeks to be sure I have all the needed supplies. I need to sort out which books we will need first and get them in order. I just realized that I forgot to order the lesson planner I use to record their work. I also need to finalize our science order. I am submitting the history and math orders tomorrow. Math-U-See ships fairly fast and we still have some history to finish from this year. I am still debating what to do for history readers. I wasn’t totally thrilled with the WinterPromise selection. I may use the ones from Sonlight’s Core 4 instead. Plus, Sonlight lets you either order the entire package or just the ones you want which would be great since we already have a few.

Karen needs her physical to finish her enrollment paperwork for pre-K. That will allow us a $200 allotment for her. I plan to use some of it for her math.

We all need to get into a fall sleep routine. Right now we are staying up later and sleeping in. Tonight we started bedtime at the usual fall time but are allowing the kids to read quietly in bed for awhile. No use frustrating everyone expecting them to sleep an hour and a half earlier in one night. Each night the reading time will get less and getting up earlier the next morning by the same amount.

Then there’s shopping. We need our monthly groceries plus we’re running low on some big staples like peanut butter, rice and beans. The garden is starting to be harvested and I need supplies to put this up for the winter. The kids need winter clothes, especially Richard. He likes the Wrangler shirts from WalMart. Karen needs sweat shirts and leggings which they only have for a limited time. I need material (and time) to make her some warm dresses.

Speaking of warm, we need to get the fire wood ready. Right now the trees are down and cut into lengths but still need to be split and stacked. However, that doesn’t necessarily need to be done before starting school since we have enough all ready for a month or so.

Whew! That’s quite a to-do list.Thankfully, it can be done in bits instead of all at once. When it’s done, we’ll be on a good start for our new school year.


2 Responses

  1. “God blesses this kitchen, but He doesn’t clean it.” Love it!

    You have quite a lot to get done. I haven’t even started to think about fall yet. But it’s right around the corner. I”m sure my daughter will need all new clothes this year. She has grown so much lately.

    Oh, and I love getting books off of Sonlight’s list for history and literature. Not all of them are great but most of them are good.

  2. I’m making progress. We decided the small allotment wasn’t worth the price of the physical so I don’t need to worry about that. I submitted the orders for Richard. I started house cleaning. It’s really smoky outside so I can’t do anything in the garden 😦 The to-do list sounds worse than it really is. Most are half hour or less projects.

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