Fitness update 2009 #13

My weight is stuck again. It’s gone up a couple pounds this month to 155. I know there is a smaller me in there. I just need to unpack the insulation to get to her. Not just physical insulation but emotional and spiritual as well. These things that are keeping me cheating on healthy eating. The things that get in the way of my workouts.

Unfortunately, I’m 5 pounds above goal weight this month. Tomorrow starts the weigh in week. Ugh. Another likely missed month. I did tackle one excuse tonight. I bought myself a new workout bra and shorts. My old ones are now too big. That’s good motivation. I’ve been putting off exercising because it was just too uncomfortable. Cross that excuse off the list. Properly fitting, comfortable clothes when exercising is really important.

I wanted a new shirt as well but the selection was lousy. I was lucky to find the shorts. Perhaps I’m too picky, but the ones that were left were either too skimpy, uncomfortable, or not my size. You don’t need to compromise modesty just to exercise. The shorts I bought fall at the bottom of my knee. They are a little tight but comfy and since I’m (hopefully) going to keep loosing weight, they will loosen as I shrink. So now I can exercise comfortably again. Perhaps I’ll get a new workout shirt as a reward for the end of August if I meet my goal then.

There is over 250,000 acres forest fire within 50 miles of me. The past few days have been really smoky at times. This afternoon a light ash was falling. Not very conducive for exercising outside, especially since I’m allergic to the smoke. The gym closest to me is always stuffy. That’s not too bad in the winter, but when I was there a few weeks ago, it was blah. Add those to the list of excuses.

What else? Eating healthy but sneaking junk. Got bad cramps and chocolate helps that but not my weight. Catch 22. Need to lose more weight to ease cramps longterm but eating chocolate helps short term, especially since I can’t go for a long walk due to the smoke.

Our garden is starting to be ready for harvesting. That should help with the healthy eating. Tonight’s dinner was chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, fresh garden greens, cucumber salad with fresh cucumber and tomatoes.

The pool at the gym has been closed for maintenance this month. I think it re-opened this week but I have been too busy to go over there.

My husband has been laid up with a squashed disk in his neck. That means I’m doing a lot more of the work for our apartments on top of what I do already and all the house chores. By the time I’m done, it’s bedtime and I’m tired.

Hopefully writing this and acknowledging my excuses will help me see them for what they are, excuses. I need to quit making excuses and just do it. Easier said than done I know. Still, excuses won’t make the scale go down. Only getting rid of the excuses and back to exercising and healthy eating again will.


2 Responses

  1. I hear you – it is easy to make a resolution to excercise, but much harder to carry through. I need to get back to walking daily, every day I say tomorrow I will start, but still I don’t do it. It is maddening, I need to pick a time of day, preferabley early in the morning, and JUST DO IT. We have had a very cool summer, so the excuse, “it’s too hot”, doesn’t work. I enjoy walking, and once I get it into my routine I can stick with it, but why are new routines so hard to establish???

    Get out there and just DO IT Akhomeschoolfun, and I will make every effort to get my behind out the door first thing in the morning and walk briskly for 30 minutes 🙂

  2. Yes, let’s throw out the excuses and just do it! It takes 2 weeks (or is it 3?) to make a routine stick. Unfortunately, it seems to take only a few days to break it. Then back to square one starting over. Very frustrating.

    I spent several hours this afternoon weeding and hoeing the garden. It hasn’t been done in almost month. Ugh. Anyway, I figured that counts as my exercise for today and I’m even a bit sore tonight (we have a big garden).

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