Our Un-vacation

I’m back. Well, our vacation was almost nothing but problems. I drove to Homer with the kids then took the ferry to Kodiak as planned while my husband flew down the next day. We had arranged with the airline to ship our new small outboard engine as checked baggage for a fee. Unfortunately, after getting all checked in the pilot decided he didn’t want to take it. That meant the motor stayed in Fairbanks. Now we didn’t have a motor for the dinghy. That’s not a big deal but it was also to be a backup in case the inboard engine, which is being flaky, decided to quit.

I decided to break the drive to Homer into 2 days. We stayed with friends Saturday night in Wasilla and went to church with them in the morning. I was a bit concerned about road construction so decided not to stay for lunch together. Turned out I shouldn’t have worried. Oh well, the way this trip went if I hadn’t it probably would have been bad delays and we’d miss the ferry. Anyway, we got to Homer about 630pm, checked in at the ferry office then had dinner. The ferry trip was nice and calm. We didn’t have a cabin and spent the night on the floor of the observation lounge along with about a dozen others (it’s cheaper that way).

My husband had a sore back for a few days before we left. We just assumed it was muscle soreness from doing too much getting all the projects done before we left. It was still hurting him a lot when he got to Kodiak so he went to the doctor and they gave him muscle relaxers. He was pretty miserable the first few days, so we didn’t go anywhere.

Fog rolled in Thursday night. By Friday morning it was drizzling. We went out for breakfast and decided I should take the ferry that afternoon and drive home with the kids. Ray went back to the doctor, who ordered x-rays this time. I boarded the ferry before the doctor had the results. The plan was Ray would go to the doctor after dropping us at the ferry then catch the flight out in the morning.

Again we slept on the ferry lounge floor. Karen left her coat in the Homer ferry office but luckily we soon realized it was missing and went back for it. We stayed with friends in Wasilla Saturday night. Thankfully they didn’t mind my short notice. I called Fairbanks and got no answer so I assumed Ray was either in route or asleep. We went to church with them Sunday morning and had lunch together, so, it was about 2 when I started driving up to Fairbanks. We had a nice drive. It rained lightly off and on.

I got home to Fairbanks about 930pm. Ray explained he only got to Fairbanks a few hours before me. It was very foggy in Kodiak the Saturday morning. The fog stayed all day. No flights in or out until the next day. We don’t have a cell phone so I didn’t know for sure where he was. The doctor said he has a squished disk in his lower neck and is referring him to a spine clinic.

So, our vacation was very stressful, not the relaxing time we were hoping for. Luckily, the airline let me change my flight until September. Hopefully, that will be more fun then. Now I’m back working. Ray’s staying home answering the phone and resting, which is helping. Richard is going to visit his Aunties for a week starting tomorrow. I just unpacked his bag, washed the clothes, then packed it again. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Aww, life is like that sometimes, it sounded as if you had planned a really nice time, I am sorry it turned out to be stressful and unrelaxing. Hopefully your husband will recuperate from the squished disk, it sounds rather painful.
    I hope your son has fun at his Aunty’s house, and I hope you feel you better.
    I will remember your family in my prayers.

    Peace and All Good,


  2. Thanks Martine.

  3. How is your husband doing, is his back any better?

  4. Getting better slowly. He went out of town to a conference. He figured that way he wouldn’t be tempted to do too much working. The only tickets he could get gave him 3 extra days to laze around. The doctors will re-evaluate him when he gets back.

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