Under smoky skies

The sun came out this weekend. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the drier days have brought large forest fires. While Fairbanks isn’t threatened by fire, we are inundated with smoke. Visibility is down to just a few miles, sometimes less. The wind was light this afternoon which helped keep it from getting as bad as yesterday. There’s no let up in sight. The next several days are supposed to be hot and dry with possible afternoon thunderstorms. These often bring winds and lightening but little rain. Most of the fires were started by lightening strikes.

I’m allergic to forest fire smoke. Not just your usual red eyes, but I get choked up bad. I’ve had to go to the hospital several times over the years from it. I keep a kerchief in the car to wear as a mask if it gets bad while driving. We keep our doors and windows shut and my sister in law has a great air cleaner machine I can borrow if smoke gets inside the house. I’ve had the car air system on recirculate the last few days.

We are driving down to Anchorage Saturday. Then on to Homer to catch the ferry to Kodiak after spending the night with friends. If  we weren’t leaving so soon, I would probably fly out somewhere away from the smoke. Hopefully the smoke won’t be bad on the drive south, however, we drive between where the fires are worst.


2 Responses

  1. Is your reaction to the smoke due to asthma or other respiratory problems?

  2. No. Just a severe respiratory allergy. Some of perfumes do the same thing to me.

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