08-09 school is over

Yesterday Richard took his final 2 unit tests. That concludes his second grade year.

However, learning isn’t over for the summer. We didn’t manage to finish all the history so he will keep working on that through the summer. This week was Bible camp at church in the afternoons where he made a new best friend, Eric. In 2 weeks he will go to Camp Habitat, a week long nature day camp held at a local nature preserve. This will be his fourth year going to that.

Karen did 2 camps this past week, Camp Habitat in the morning and then church camp in the afternoon. She had a lot of fun with the other kindergarten kids. Camp Habitat ended at noon and church camp started at one so it made for a bit of a rush lunch. I’d pick both kids up at the church at 5. This made for a long day for Karen. She was pretty tired and ready for bed by late evening.

The last few weeks went remarkably well considering all the difficulties of the past few years getting work done at the end. I think Christian Light Education having variety in activities yet still structured lesson format made the difference. It also helped that his sister was away at camp this last week so he could concentrate. He decided that he wanted to do his work in the car. He found a new pencil and kept it in the car. He actually did good doing his work like that and usually finished at least one subject while dropping Karen off.

Karen is still working on the ABC series. I haven’t worked as much with her since I was trying to get Richard finished. I can now spend more time with her this summer. She’s been asking when she can learn to read so I may start her school earlier than his since it requires more of my time. She really enjoys looking at Dr. Seuss and other picture books.

The remainder of the Christian Light order came in. Now, I just need to wait until after the first when allotment funds are available to order their math and Richard’s history and science. We looked through the CLE books the day they came in. Both kids are excited about their new school books. Although, I admit to being nervous about teaching 2 kids different grades at once. Oh, well. It’ll work out somehow if I pray for guidance.

We haven’t decided on a start date this fall. It depends upon whether or not I need to go to Spokane to help my dad if he has his kidney operation. If not, then we’ll likely start in August again. Otherwise, who knows.

It’s a relief to have most of their books already for next year. I’m not worried about the math and science. Math-U-See and Rainbow Resource ship pretty quick. However, Winter Promise is another story. That order came in piece-meal over several months last fall so I couldn’t start history until we’d already been doing school almost 3 weeks in early September.

Now we’ll take next week totally off from school (unless they ask to do something).


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