Goodbye TV

As most people in America know, Friday was the last day most TV stations could broadcast in analog format. To continue getting TV, people need to spend money to buy either a new tv or a converter box for each old tv. Even then, there’s no guarantee of getting a signal. In the areas around Fairbanks many homes were unable to get a signal. Digital signal doesn’t bend the same way as analog did so things like buildings or even hills can block the signal. It’s also less forgiving if you are in a marginal area. Either you get the signal or not, there’s no static area where you get it but with poor quality. In that case you must buy a special antenna. If that doesn’t work then cable is the only option. In our area, basic cable starts at about $40/month.

We only watched tv a few times a week if we weren’t otherwise busy. Tv just wasn’t a priority for us. Sometimes we would make it a point to watch Nova on PBS if we knew it was about something we really were interested in. However, most of the time there just wasn’t anything we were interested in watching on tv. We decided not to switch to digital.

There is one local station (CBS) which is low power so wasn’t required to switch. That is the only station we can now get. Unfortunately, it was the one we watched the least out of the four we used to get. So we said goodbye to tv. We don’t really miss it.

How had the digital tv transition affected you?


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  1. You can still watch TV on Hulu and directly from the network sites.

    Digital hasn’t affected us much because we have Dish TV. What changed was when we moved 6 yrs ago from a large metropolitan area to a small town. We moved to an area than only had one broadcast channel. We were in an area that had 20+ broadcast. At least one has been broadcasting digitally for a while now.

  2. Dee,
    Yeah, I suppose we could do that if we really wanted to. Just don’t really want to watch tv anymore and this was a good excuse to quit. Besides, it’s not comfortable for the family to gather around the computer to watch shows.

  3. Apparently one of the trendy techie things to do is get a media PC with digital reciver instead of regular tV. It is cheaper in the long run. If we could have gotten local channels that is what we would do,

  4. Don’t quote me on this, but I think less than 10% or so of the population was affected by this digital TV transition, so not too many people relative to the total population was affect.

    Of course, I’m not saying that to minimize those that were affected who do happen to rely on T.V.

    For us, although we watch TV for news, I find that more and more, any entertainment we watch is usually via the Internet…all the major TV networks and cable stations now have near-HD quality video streaming with shows coming on the previous day posted as soon as the next. Best thing is, we don’t have to work around the show’s schedules because we can dictate when we want to watch the shows.

  5. If I watch TV it is on DVD or online… so I didn’t even realize when the digital shift happened [smile].


  6. I say GOOD FOR YOU AKHOMESCHOOLFUN – I gave up TV for lent about five years ago, it was hard at first, I just didn’t know what to do with myself, but by the end of lent I was busy with many things. After Lent I didn’t watch much tv at all, a year later I gave it up completely again, it was very easy and I didn’t miss it at all, I have not watch tv in several years and have not missed it. The interesting thing is that although I am the only one in the home who does not watch tv everyone else watches a lot less then they used to.
    I do watch a vhs/dvd movie occasionally, and that is about it.
    Since you didn’t watch much tv to begin with I think you will find the transition easy 🙂

  7. Martine,
    We have a few DVD’s too but don’t watch them much either. Why are you the only one who doesn’t watch tv?

    It’s amazing how many people’s lives revolve around the tv. Growing up we had tv and watched it a couple hours in the evening. First the news, then dinner, then game shows, then a few adventure dramas. My grandmother got me interested in soap operas. Ugh. Definitely not good influence for early teens. The same for Oprah and other afternoon talk shows my friends and I all watched after school. Thinking back now, she would a few times have interesting topics, but mostly it was people not being content with what they have or poor me pity stories. Sometimes a teacher would even have the class watch tv. An actor on one of the soap operas graduated a few years before me so the math teacher let us watch his show. The school got free tv’s in exchange for having everyone watch 15 minutes of paid ads and news in the mornings. I never liked that. I’m glad that some schools are starting to refuse those programs. Targeted consumerism in it’s purest form thinly veiled as “current events” is all they are.

  8. My husband likes to watch tv, he doesn’t watch any where near the amount that he did when he was younger, but he enjoys it, and for me, not watching tv is my choice not a family choice. My youngest two, 16, and almost 18, watch tv, not a lot, but they have shows that they enjoy. Most people think I am crazy because I don’t watch tv, they can’t imagine life without it, but if most a person gives it up for 6 weeks they will be surprised at how much time they suddenly have to do things, because life is no longer scheduled around tv shows.
    There really is very little on tv anymore that isn’t offensive, and a lot of programming is pushing someones agenda. All of the home improvement type shows seem to me a way of making people feel discontent with what they have. Oprah – what a new age ninny !!
    Enjoy your extra free time 🙂

  9. My dad was a dj and news anchor. So, I’ve always been a news junkie TV and print.

    I prefer to watch Food Network, news and we also DVR Worship videos and Christian music videos because they come on in the middle of the night. Each are several hours long so that is what I have been watching most of the time lately.

    The Big Guy is a sports fanatic so he either listens to or watches a lot of sports.

  10. Mostly we’ve replaced tv time with internet time. When my husband was away and took the computer with him, I did have a lot of free time. I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on the computer 🙂

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