Fitness update 2009 #12

Wow! How’d I do that?! As I mentioned in my previous fitness update, I’d gained some weight and was back up to 159. My husband went out of town for a week, so I was alone with the kids this week. He got back last night. While he was gone I was running the apartment business by myself which kept me very busy. I guess I was too busy to snack. Anyway, my weight dropped a lot. I lost all the weight I’d gained and then some. I’ve lost 6 pounds in the last 10 days. I was down to 153 this morning.

Now that he’s back, I just hope I can keep it off. Unfortunately, he gained about 2 pounds while he was gone so he has even more to loose to meet this month’s goal. Good motivation for not cheating.

I’ve been strict with the NO S dieting having single servings and no desserts during the week. I bought 4 chocolate muffins over the weekend and we divided them to last 2 days. I was pleasantly surprised at how full I can be eating only a single plateful after getting used to it again. I bought fresh pizza twice (they were on sale for $7). Both times I had 2 pieces of pizza, but they were small and fit together on the plate. I was tempted to get a third the first time but was good. The second time, I was full after the two slices.

I haven’t done much exercising. I did make it to the gym to swim one afternoon. We went for a few walks. I also cleaned 2 apartments. Then there was the gardening. We don’t have an outside faucet and our water is a 1000 holding tank. So we rely on rain or buckets to conserve water. Each morning I had to lug 3 5-gallon buckets of water and 2 full water cans down to the garden then use a cup to pour water onto the plants. Every three days, it needs to be thoroughly hoed and weeded.

I’m now over a third of the way to my final goal weight in about 6 months. 8) That means in a year or so I’ll be at my goal which helps put into perspective months like last month when my weight was a yo-yo. It’s the long term that truly matters. As long as I keep my focus on that, I’m able to keep from getting too frustrated when the scale goes up.

The trick is to get it moving back down again ASAP. This is done through evaluating what’s going on in your life that may have caused it to go up. Once you figure that out, you can change it to start going back down. For me it was stress over my husband going out of town causing me to overeat.