I’m making a dress

I’ve told my daughter for months that I’d make her a dress. I just never seemed to get around to it. Well this week is the week finally. A tenant left behind a newer blue sheet they were using as a curtain. I liked the pattern on the cloth so decided it would be what I’d use to make her dress. It was large enough that if I make any mistakes, I can cut more pieces. Being a sheet it will be wash and wear, plus it can go in the dryer.

Sunday after church we went shopping for all the stuff I’d need to make her dress. I bought a scissor sharpener and scissors (in case the sharpener didn’t help my old scissors), seam ripper, hem measure tool, zipper, thread, elastic, and an elastic puller (a wand with a small ball on one end and an eye on the other to pull elastic through) at the fabric store. Then I went to WalMart and bought a basic sewing machine and case. In all, everything cost about $150 to get set up. Now I just hope I use it enough to get my money’s worth. Otherwise this will be a very expensive dress 😆 At WalMart, we found some inexpensive fun floral fabric that she’d like for another dress.

While I’ve done lots of other sewing, this is the first dress I’ve ever made. I’ve never sewn a zipper so that’ll be interesting. I need to practice with the new machine a little before I sew her dress together. Hopefully it will be done for her to wear to church this weekend. Once I get this one made, I think the next will be a lot easier.

I’ve now got all the pieces cut out except the sleeves. I’m going to wait until I have the bodice pieced first to see how they fit on. I think they are puff sleeves. The pattern I’m using is a very basic, plain-dress pattern but doesn’t have directions. It’s very versitile. It can have buttons or a zipper in either the front or back depending upon how it’s cut. I suppose you could use a knit fabric to make it as a pull over with an elastic waist as well.


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  1. How is the dress coming along? I sewed many dresses for my daughters when they were young, they were fun projects to work on. I mainly made shorts for the boys, now I make shorts and shirts for my grandson, and shirts for my husband. I find sewing very satisfying, and even when things don’t turn out as I wish, I often learn where I went wrong and what to do differently next time. Not to mention that having a sewing machine around is useful when items need mended, zippers need replaced, pants need to be shortened, etc. etc.
    I am sure that you daughter will like her dress a lot.

  2. I haven’t worked on it this week. I have the top put together. I need to do the sleeves then attach the skirt still. I’m learning I can’t sew zippers. I don’t have a zipper foot so my machine jams at the pull so I need to stitch the top of it by hand. I tried the way explained on the package and wound up with a mess and had to rip it out then redo it. That was frustrating. Still, I’m considering this dress a learning experience not a fair entry showpiece. 🙂

  3. I hate zippers – i wonder if you could find a video tutorial on the web – I know I have found some for knitting that were very beneficial. A zipper foot is kind of important, sometimes you can purchase additional feet for you sewing machine, they are kind of pricey, but once you have them they should last for the rest of your life.

  4. It wasn’t a big deal. Just tried to follow the directions and got all messed up so after I ripped it out, I did it straight line sewing then fold back onto the right side then straight sew again until it jammed.

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