I love that look

I have been wearing long skirts and dresses for several years now. I also wear my hair up in a simple bun. Usually I wear tennis shoes or boots, even with the dresses. I no longer even own high heeled shoes. (I bought flat sandals to wear on the cruise for formal nights) Aside from a few Christian friends, few really say much about how I dress. I had one woman who works at the dialysis center where dad goes ask me about my cape dress. This lead to a great discussion about recipes and home made cooking.

However, yesterday afternoon I was in a gas station getting a snack. I was wearing one of my cape dresses. While I was deciding, the clerk says “I LOVE that look!” I wasn’t sure what she was referring to or even if she was talking to me. When I turned, she said she loved my tennis shoes with a dress. She wasn’t being sarcastic or anything. I told her it was very comfortable. She agreed, and we briefly discussed the drawbacks to high heeled shoes while I made my purchases.

It’s amazing what we do to our bodies for the sake of fashion. We punch holes in ourselves (yes, I have pierced ears). We inject ourselves with ink drawings (I don’t have a tatoo). We squeeze ourselves into tight clothes. Women paint their faces. They balance on tiny shoe heels while squeezing their toes into a point to make their legs appear longer and thiner.

Why? Will these make us any better as people? Will it bring us any closer to God? Probably not. I’m not saying, you shouldn’t want to look nice. Your clothes should be properly fitted and reasonably clean without rips or tears. However, it shouldn’t be taken to extremes. Otherwise, they bring your focus away from God onto man and fashion. We need to embrace modesty, function and practicality instead.