Fitness update 2009 #11

This is my first fitness update after returning from our cruise. I did meet my goal weight last month for those of you who were wondering.

I am at 157 today. To meet this month’s goal, I have to loose two and a half pounds still. I haven’t been very diligent about diet or exercise because work has been pretty hectic after getting back. Not surprising since I was gone almost 2 month because of taking the extra week to visit my parents. So I have some fitness work to do the next few days to get back on track.

The last few days I have gotten a lot of muscle work done by lifting 35 pound cartons of used cooking oil and dumping them into settling drums. The drums are on concrete blocks which makes the top of them almost level with my head. Each carton holds up to 5 gallons. We’ve processed 450 gallons this week. That means I’ve lifted at least 90 cartons. However, several of them are not full or unusable (still frozen) so in reality it is more like 120 cartons. A gallons weighs 7 pounds for a total of 3150 pounds of oil hefted. This doesn’t include the cartons we moved out of the way to set up a new holding tank. So, I’m rather sore this morning. Today we hope to do another 150 gallons if it doesn’t rain.

Along with hefting oil cartons, I’ve gotten some exercise over the weekend canoing. Ray figures we went about 4 miles total. It is a very still slough so we had to paddle the entire time. Great exercise for the shoulders and arms, especially the triceps. We will be planting the garden this weekend. We had hoped to also go canoing again, but Ray’s truck broke the water pump yesterday so we have no way to carry the canoe.

I haven’t done any cardio specifically. I tried to go for a walk last night but a moose was in the road just 3 driveways down from us.


6 Responses

  1. I see you love Chalene Johnson~ME TOO! and I am SO HAPPY! I FINALLY figured out how to get past your main page so I can glean from your posting wisdom! ~smile~ GREAT JOB on all you’re doing, as I know losing weight is hard work! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~weight loss on hold….

  2. Hi Sandi. Welcome back! Glad you got my site figured out. I did some changes to it since you visited last to make it easier to find things.

    I haven’t done any TurboJam since getting back from vacation and I need to since I’m stuck for my weight. Those work best to jump start my loosing again.

  3. Wow girl! You really know how to work in strength training without the gym! I’m so impressed. That’s fantastic. Good luck on getting to your goal. The only thing I’m doing lately is trying so hard not to quit!

  4. Thanks. The last two nights I spent hacking down saplings and brush from around our house to prepare for fire season. I’m pretty sore today. Plus, I feel like I’m getting sick so I just worked quietly in the office today catching up on paperwork and filing. Neither my husband or I are likely to meet our weight goals this month. 😦 He told me today to stop trying because I’m sick. It’s not worth it. We’ll just have to work extra hard and make sure we meet it next month because I don’t think we can recover from missing 2 months in a row. Now off to bed with a cup of nice tea.

  5. How’s everything? Hope you’re feeling better and back in the game! Just wanted to stop by and see what you’re up to. 🙂

  6. I’m doing good. My husband went out of town for a week and took the laptop with him so I haven’t had internet at the house until he got back last night. Anyway, I have a new fitness update posted today.

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