Canoe adventure & garden update

Yesterday afternoon we went canoing on the Noyes Slough. With one notable exception it was fun. For those of you familiar with Fairbanks, we put in near Danby road and paddled up to the Illinois street bridge. There were a few log jams we had to plow through and one beaver dam we portaged over.

There was another beaver dam under the Illinois street bridge. We had just arrived at it and were deciding what to do when we heard a motor behind us. A jet ski pulled up a little ways behind us and stopped. We had paddled over to the side. He yelled at his buddy but he didn’t stop. There was plenty of straight water behind is so I know he saw us. Instead, the second jet ski zoomed by us, jumped over the beaver dam and kept going. We were nearly swamped. The slough is rather narrow there so the wake rocked us hard. Karen got really scared and cried for a long time afterwards. We all got pretty wet from the spray thrown up by the jet ski. Richard, Ray and I had managed to turn so it hit our backs but Karen was hit by the flying water right in her face. We decided to turn around and head back to the truck. The other jet ski rider apologized, but that didn’t change the rudeness of his friend.

Other than a few people in their yards, we didn’t see anyone else on our trip. The trip was a bit over 2 hours. We hope to go the other way down the slough soon.

After getting some business done, we went to the garden store Saturday afternoon and bought the last pots and tomato cages we need to finish transplanting. I transplanted 2 tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and flowers. We have some wire shelves which are just wide enough to hold a plant tray. We set them up out in our temporary greenhouse on the porch. Then we moved about half of the smaller pots onto them. We still have several pots in the house that didn’t fit. I went and filled the last 2 big tomato pots from the garden soil but they were heavy since the dirt was wet so I couldn’t carry them up to the house. We really need a wagon.

Today the plants are doing great. It was sunny and warm all weekend. They really took off, especially the ones recently transplanted. They were getting root bound in their old pots. I put 2 trays of smaller plants outside to begin hardening them off this morning. We will plant some seeds into the ground next weekend then do the pre-plants the following weekend when the danger of frost or freeze should be past. It was freezing in town this morning.


2 Responses

  1. glad everyone is okay after the jet ski incident. Jet skis are so noisy, and so annoying, and really, really annoying when the driver is a jerk!!

    So how does your garden grow in Alaska?? Do plants grow faster because of the long, long hours of daylight? Can you plant tomatoes and cucumbers outside, or do they have to remain in a greenhouse environment?

    Just curious,


  2. Martine,

    We can grow tomatoes and cucs outside but they do much better in a greenhouse. Root crops and cool weather crops like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes do real well in our garden. They grow fast and big in our long days. My broccoli and cauliflower usually get as big as a person’s head. Cabbages we grow 2 kinds. One gets 5-10 pounds. The other is giant cabbage and they can be about 20 pounds. People get them much bigger for the fairs but those usually are no good to eat.

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