2009 CLE ordering

Today was the used curriculum swap and ordering for Christian Light Education. There weren’t as many people selling stuff as the past few years. Still, the kids found a few things they spent their allowances to get. Karen got 2 wooden puzzles. One is ABC’s the other numbers 0-9. Richard got a 3D horse puzzle, a small toy tractor, a game, and 4 chapter books.

I did my order for Christian Light Education. For Richard I ordered 3rd grade Bible, reading, language arts and a handwriting workbook. Karen’s order saved about $35 because they had some returns which I took for half price. These included the 3 teacher’s guides I needed: Learning to Read, Reading 1, and Language Arts 1 along with many of the workbooks. Then I ordered full price the rest of the workbooks and other materials she would need.

One of the things I got Karen were letter flash cards. These are just plain colored cardstock. I can’t remember if I also ordered the fancy color printed laminated cards or not. I hope so. She can play with these but I want the others for her school. They have the letter, it’s sound and a picture on the front. On the back is a poem using the sound and picture.

I ordered teacher guides for all of Richard’s subjects this year. They include the answers. Not only will this help me teach him but he can start to grade his own work.

It was nice to see the family that does the CLE ordering again. While filling out my order, we had a nice chat. She had read my article in CLE’s Lightlines. They spent the weekend with some of our other friends who were also there. My friend (who has several children she homeschools) confided to me that whenever she went looking for different curriculum, she kept coming back to CLE because she felt such peace about their materials. I would agree.


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