Homeschool progress reports

Progress reports are due to the district today for our homeschool. Rather than just listing each subject and having an arbitrary letter grade, Chugach progress reports list each individual target for the levels your child is in of each subject. The targets that have been previously met are already marked off. I go through and mark which targets he can now do. The report is 22 pages long. You only need to turn in pages where progress has been made. For us that is just about every page this time. Along with this they need a math and language arts work sample.

Once all targets have been met, I provide proof including assessments and he then moves up to the next level for that subject. I had previously submitted proof for his science but I got an e-mail stating that they wanted another assessment for science so I’m including that as well.

I really like doing school like that. It gives us direction in exactly what needs to be learned. Rather than just saying second grade math or reading, it is all laid out. I know what he needs to learn when looking for materials and curriculum. For instance, I discovered that the third grade Abeka health book I ordered does align with the standards he will be working on.

These reports and having levels with detailed targets do take more record keeping than traditional letter grades. I need to keep track of what proofs I have for each target. Luckily proofs can be used to cover more than one target at a time. Some subjects such as math, science, and language are rather long. Whereas other subjects such as technology and social studies may only have a half dozen targets.


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