Almost home

Well everyone, I’m back in the USA. My mom was really ill and in the hospital for a few weeks. I’m taking an extra week off to visit them. Mom’s out of the hospital and was taken out of isolation at the nursing home today. I’ll be back in Alaska in a few days. Ray and the kids are up there now.

We had a great trip around South America. We got off and explored each port except the one in Equador. We didn’t like it last time, so didn’t even get off there this time. Richard snorkeled the first time in Mexico. He was very excited seeing fish like that. Karen played in the shallows with some local kids. We saw penguins in the Faulkland Islands and swam with dolphins in Acapolco. Cape Horn and the inside passage at the tip of South America looks a lot like the Inside Passage up to Alaska.

Dad got a new computer for Christmas. It’s his first laptop computer. Since I’m here’ I’m helping him learn how to use it. Yesterday we got it hooked to internet. He had been using WebTV, which is so old it can’t do much on the internet anymore. This computer has some features we’re still trying to figure out since it has newer versions of Microsoft Office and the new Windows Vista. They say they’re more user friendly, but for those of us who know what we were doing, the new features just make it harder to do more advanced stuff.