I’m loving Turbo Jam

It’s been about 3 weeks that I’ve been doing Turbo Jam. At first it was hard to get coordinated. I kept falling and tripping over myself. Still, it was fun and I didn’t give up. I started mostly doing Learn & Burn where she introduces the moves or 20 Minute Jam, a great 20 minute workout.

Recently, I’ve been doing Cardio Party, a 45 minute cardio routine. It’s actually easier coordination wise than the 20 Minute Jam but because it’s longer works you hard.  My favorite thing about Cardio Party is actually the cool down routine at the end. It’s great and keeps me from wanting to push stop halfway through when things (kids, phone, etc) get crazy around the house. There’s also an ab routine called Ab Jam which is ok, but rather hard on my back. I haven’t tried Turbo Sculpt or another video called Kick, Punch, and Jam yet.

Anyway, since starting Turbo Jam, my weight loss has picked up again. Before then I had a started to plateau. But the best thing is that I’m actually enjoying doing it. That’s right people, I’m enjoying exercise other than riding a bike. You don’t do repetitive exercises like with a lot of traditional cardio programs. Turbo Jam keeps you moving. You’re always changing positions and using lots of different muscles so you’re building endurance, muscle mass, coordination, and balance at the same time while burning major calories.

Yet it isn’t high impact unless you want it to be. You determine the intensity level. If you just want to move around a bit, fine. If you really want to kick it up a notch and push hard, great. All with the same workout.

When finished with a Turbo Jam workout I feel great. I’m tired, but in a good way. After I get rested and cool off, I have lots of energy. I don’t feel wasted like after some exercise programs. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing them in the afternoon or evening which isn’t necessarily when I need extra energy. I’ll have to try doing it in the morning and see how the day goes. I’m also less stressed. I can take any frustration out kicking and punching, twisting and turning.

With just about all exercise, I like how I feel after I’m done. I feel a sense of accomplishment for finishing the workout. I looked forward to how I felt after I exercised but not always the exercise itself, which made it easier to find excuses not to exercise. I’m not having that with Turbo Jam. I’m looking forward to doing it, not just getting it done. It’s fun and goes quickly.

I’m leaving for a month vacation in 3 days and taking my Turbo Jam with me. I want to keep the great results coming. I don’t want all the good food to set me back.


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