My new swim suit

I bought myself a new swim suit yesterday. My old one is now too big and falling apart. I went shopping at WalMart but didn’t find anything. They had 2 that I liked until I tried them on. The first one had a modesty flap over the front that hung down a little. It looked frumpy on me and I was afraid it would be too hot with all that fabric. The other one fit fine until I bent over and just about fell out of it. There was no good way to hold the straps up at the top of the back when bending over. So I got 2 pair sandals but no swim suit.

After dinner I went to the gym to see what they might have. Theirs are more expensive exercise swim suits. I found 3 that I liked. 2 had the same fabric just different cuts. I went to the locker room and tried them on. Some of the ladies from the water aerobics were there and they helped me make a decision. The one I got is dark blue with white flowers down the middle of the front. It is a size 12 made by TYR. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to try it in the pool since I had to leave right away for an appointment.


6 Responses

  1. I found that I like the swim suits from Land’s End. They are made for real people and have usually have several modest ones.

  2. Congrats on the new suit! I love buying new clothes when the old ones just get too big. Of course I would enjoy it more if it didn’t involve spending so much money, but oh well.

  3. Dee,
    I’ve bought clothes from Land’s End before but prefer trying on stuff like bathing suits in person. Plus time is getting short until we leave.

  4. Thanks. I had fun shopping for smaller sized things. I buy a lot of our clothes at thrift stores which helps, especially kids clothes. However, it was a treat to buy a new swim suit this time.

  5. I was surprised at how well they fit.

  6. Maybe next time. Oh, at water aerobic tonight the instructor had me come up on deck and teach part with her. Then after class in the locker room she suggested I get certified to as a fitness instructor. Another instructor was there and agreed. Hmmm. Might be fun to look into.

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