Fitness update 2009 #9; real progress

This past week has been a great week other than having the flu over the weekend. Even that was a blessing in disguise since it allowed me to break through a plateau. I’ve lost 2.5 pounds this week, which puts me at 162 just under the monthly goal. I think I ‘m going to meet this month’s weight goal even with the short month and gain at the beginning.

I’ve now lost a total of 10 pounds. Yeah! I finally am starting to feel like I’m making real change in my life. When I had lost only 2-5 pounds I was excited but realized it could easily have been just water weight or normal body fluctuations. However, 10 pounds is a more solid amount and indicates real loss has started. There’s also visible changes as well in smaller clothes and more energy.

It’s been 2 months and I feel more confident in what I eat. Using the No S Diet has helped with that. I’m learning to curb emotional eating. Recently I’ve been replacing it with brief exercise or Bible reading but defiantly no more munching while watching tv. We only eat at the table. This way you won’t overeat because you are distracted. Plus you miss whatever you are watching while eating at the table so you are less likely to eat during your favorite shows unless you’re truly hungry.

Exercise has almost become a habit that I miss on days when I can’t or don’t exercise. The new videos have helped a lot with that. Exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery. Once you find something you enjoy, it’s less like work and more fun. It may take awhile to find it, but don’t just give up altogether after trying a few “boring” things. Remember, it takes 3 weeks to make a habit. This includes regular exercise.

One thing I don’t talk about much in these fitness updates is spiritual health. This is important too. Along those lines, daily Bible reading and prayer are essential for maintaining good spiritual health. I’m in the process of reading the King James Bible (often simply referred to as KJV) through from cover to cover. This was originally supposed to be a 90 day thing. Instead it has taken almost a year. I’m pretty excited to be finishing Psalms and starting Proverbs today. I’ve enjoyed this book of the Bible and found much refreshment after some of the heavier reading in the Old Testament.

All but one of the new dresses I bought too small fit me this week. That one is only a little too small so should fit soon. I’m going to getrid of my fat skirts. They don’t stay up at all now. No sense keeping them around. I don’t want to ever wear them again, even if I do really like one of them, I disgust the size. Out they go today! Goodbye size 16 and XL! Oh, I tried on a pair of old size 11/12 jeans. I looked melted and poured in but I could fasten them. I haven’t done that in about 4 years. Not that I wear jeans anymore, but at least they give me a size guide.

I’ve been doing the new exercise video programs this week. I think they are mostly to blame for my great loss. I’m not quite so uncoordinated with the Turbo Jam as I was at first, except “twist”. That one still confuses me and I’m not very good at knowing which side or switching sides. The Rockin Body has a great 10 minute ab routine. I like it better than the Turbo Jam abs. The combination of the two programs is a lot of fun. I can find a great workout for any mood. I don’t feel like exercise is a thing to get through to feel accomplished for the day. I look forward to it instead.

I didn’t make it to water aerobics yesterday for several reasons. First, I wasn’t feeling very well in the afternoon and took a nap instead. I need a new swimsuit but didn’t have a chance to buy one yet. The one I have is now too big. Ray was working on taxes and couldn’t watch the kids. I didn’t want to put them in the play center at the gym since they are still a little sick. I’m a bit disappointed since I was looking forward to going again.

Eating was pretty good. I didn’t eat much over the weekend because of being sick. We went to Subway a few times. At the store I bought some healthy fresh things, fixings for turkey wraps, and frozen seasoned salmon fillets. That should be enough food to last until we leave on our trip in 10 days.


5 Responses

  1. You’re doing SO GREAT! I loved thrownig out/giving away some of my old way to big clothes! Sorry to hear you had the flu but glad you’re better now and going to make your monthly goal. Sounds like those videos you got are really working for you. Isn’t it nice to get to the stage where you actully look forward to exercising?! Great progress! 🙂

  2. I’ve read from several sources that as soon as clothes get too big get rid of them. Keeps you from yo-yoing back.

  3. Thanks. I always looked forward to how I felt after I exercised rather than the exercise itself which made it easier to find excuses not to exercise. Other than riding a bike, I never thought I would like to exercise. I’m surprising myself with how often I’m enjoying this journey to fitness lately.

  4. Well, mine are going out today. 🙂 No sense tempting the fat back.

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