Fitness update 2009 #8; new videos

I’ve lost a pound and half this week, putting me just under 165. I still have another pound and a half to lose before meeting this month’s goal. I gained back some of last month’s loss at the beginning of this month so with the shorter month, I’m to work extra hard these last few weeks. Overall, I’ve lost 5 pounds this year.

We’ve been spending a fair amount of time in the pool. I’ve been doing water aerobics Wednesday evenings. We also have been to the pool two other times during the week.

There here! Yesterday’s mail had the Turbo Jam. I just checked to tracking code for Rockin Body and it’s here. Yeah! It seems they’ve both had an adventure getting to me. It took 2 weeks for Rockin Body to go from Washington state up here supposedly Priority Mail. Turbo Jam’s trip was even stranger.

I really don’t understand how Turbo Jam even made it to me. I was told it would be sent UPS or FedEx so I gave my home address. We don’t have mail delivery here but since it was being sent by carrier I wasn’t worried. Well it came by US Mail instead. On the box was written NMR (shorthand for no mail receptacle) so obviously the mail tried to deliver it to my house then that address crossed out and changed to our po box. We don’t have anything saying to send or forward mail to the post office since we use the post office for all our mail already. I don’t know how they connected our house address to the post office box but that’s what happened. It was at the post office late this morning. I’m amazed I got it and not surprised at the delay now that I know what happened.

So I did the Learn & Burn of Turbo Jam yesterday and today. Talk about uncoordinated. I was just flailing around it seemed. Oh well. I’ll figure it out. She goes from move to move with no break to think. I kept tripping over myself. I also did the 20 minute workout today. I was sweating but didn’t feel I really “exercised”, just flailed around. Plus, I couldn’t tell which side we were supposed to be working or when to switch. Oh well, at least it wasn’t a struggle and I never felt like quitting. I just need to practice. It was actually a bit fun and I think will be more so as I learn the routines better. This is something that would be great fun in a real group, but my gym doesn’t offer it. I’m not using the weighted gloves. I want to learn what I’m doing first.

I’m eager to try Rockin Body tomorrow. I think I may be a bit sore around my sides from all the bending and twisting though.

We went to Subway yesterday and again today. Yesterday was because we were frantically working on finishing our taxes and today was to celebrate finishing them. It’s the only place we can eat out without blowing our diet and the kids enjoy.

I’ve eaten the tub of salad greens and need to buy another. Yesterday’s dinner was half an apple and a slice of cheddar cheese after Turbo Jam workout before heading off for water aerobics.

My husband was wanting hot dogs for dinner one night. Well, I decided to try tofu dogs rather than greasy additive laden regular hot dogs. I also bought whole wheat buns for them. They were surprisingly very good. My son doesn’t like hot dogs very much but he really liked these. We all did. I will have to buy them more often.

I fear I’m getting sick. My throat is raw and starting to get chest and head congested with possibly fever. Ugh. Oh well, at least I’ll be well before we leave rather than getting sick right before leaving like last summer. I hope I feel ok tomorrow because it is the kids last dog mushing race. I’d hate to have them miss it because I’m sick.


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  1. Would you happen to know if it’s’s safe to lift weights while attempting to lose weight?

  2. Yes it is. Not only is is safe, but also beneficial when combined with cardio. As someone who sells a cardio machine, it is important you know that cardio works best when paired with light to medium weight lifting. If you exercise 5-6 days/week, one or two times a week should include weights. Muscle burns fat so you want to increase the amount of muscle you have to better burn more fat. Cardio alone won’t do that. I’m not talking about bulking up, but rather toning up. Good question.

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