Dog mushing kids race

The kids did their first dog mushing race today. This was actually the third race of the season but we were sick the other two times. They each used one dog. They borrowed both dogs and sled since we don’t have any. Richard went ahead of Karen.  He held on and the dog kept pulling. Karen also held on but her dog slowed way down halfway. A total of 8 kids did the one dog class. Richard finished fifth. Karen was sixth. Not bad for their first time and borrowed dogs. The winner was a 3 year old girl with a very fast dog. She just held on and zoomed around.

Richard wants to try 2 dogs next year. Karen says she would like to get good and do 6 dogs someday.  Since we don’t have dogs, this may be a bit hard but who knows. Richard will be eligible for 2 dog since he will be 7 next year and have 1 season experience with 1 dog. For 6 dogs, Karen will have to wait until she’s 13 or 14.

Some of the dogs are recreational dogs/pets. This would be like the dogs we borrowed. However, some kids parents also race dogs so they have better dogs.


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