Annoying voice mail

As part of my job, I leave a lot of messages for people as I return their calls about apartments. Usually, I’m able to reach the person or leave a message and they call back. However, the rest of the time I’m frustrated with full voice mailboxes, voice mail not set up, or voice mail systems that calls you back. Then there’s the people who don’t know how to leave me a message and expect me to be a mind reader to call them back.

People have voice mail that is full once in awhile I understand. It’s those that are always full which really frustrate me, especially if you leave a message asking me to call you. One tenant always has a full voice mail. She doesn’t know how to retrieve her messages. How hard is it to call the phone company and ask them? If you’re likely to forget again, write the instructions down and keep them in a handy spot.

The really annoying ones are the systems that call me back after I’ve just hung up to ask if I was finished with my message and do I want to send the message. Arghh! Of course I was finished. Yes, I want to send it. No, I don’t want to learn more about your company or other options. Just send my message the first time. If we are disconnected or I forgot to say something, I’ll call again. I don’t need a do-over for leaving a voice mail message.

When leaving me a message, there are a few things you can do to help me return your call. First, leave a message. This may seem overly obvious but I can’t call you back if you don’t leave a message telling me you called. Don’t get mad at me if I don’t get hold of me if you don’t leave me a message. If you leave a message including your phone number and I don’t return your call, then you can get upset. Also, please leave your phone number. I had to put that into my answering machine’s message because of high number of callers not leaving phone numbers. If calling from long distance you need to include the area code. It does no good otherwise. I’m not going to get it right by guessing. Just because your cell phone has nationwide calling and caller ID, doesn’t make it a local call or mean my phone knows your area code. Finally, make sure your phone number isn’t disconnected. It does no good to call you if your phone number has been disconnected. It won’t work!

Please be considerate and call during decent hours. I’ve had people call at 1130 at night and 7am to find out about apartments. I can understand if there are only a very few apartments available and lots of people looking like in some cities but there are lots available right now. Don’t get me out of bed. Calling and hanging up repeatedly won’t make me answer either. It’s just very rude.

Half of the numbers I tried today didn’t work. One or two, I can understand. But 3 out of 7? That doesn’t even count the hang-up callers who didn’t leave messages.


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  1. Interesting information which I can use for my current research on phone history. Adam

  2. I am currently involved in research regarding phones and phone history and features etc, so this has been useful.

  3. Adam,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I’m glad you found my articles to be useful.

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