A salad a day keeps the pounds away

I had a small epiphany Sunday while wandering through Safeway that part of the reason for my wonderful 2.5 pound loss a couple weeks ago and nil last week was the differences in foods I ate. I don’t know why it was such as surprise to me but it was. I still ate good and healthy both weeks following NO S guidelines but there was a difference. The great loss week, I had a large green salad as a meal once a day, either lunch or dinner. I also ate less carbs that week. The nil week we were out of salad fixings so I ate sandwiches or pasta.

My salads have the usual lettuce, but also sliced carrots, onions, and mushrooms. I’m out of sunflower seeds or I’d put some on as well. I use either salsa or light Italian dressing on top along with a little grated cheese and perhaps a slice of lunch meat. However, the bulk of the salad is the lettuce and veggies.

Also, the lettuce was a big bagged salad mix. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, these bags don’t last very long compared to whole heads of lettuce. That gave me incentive to keep eating salads. I hate to waste food. I mentioned this to my husband and he agreed that if I was using that as motivation to keep eating salad and therefore loosing weight, I could keep buying the salad bags. So as I was wandering around Safeway, I bought a big tub of mixed greens. Mixed greens taste better and are so much better for you than just plain iceberg lettuce for salads.

Since we have salad fixings again, I need to work on keeping my processed carbs low. That should be easy if we have lots of veggies and fruit to replace them with. I’m not saying no carbs. Last night we had whole wheat spaghetti. But I only had half a plate. The other half was asparagus. Today, I’m getting ready to have a salad for lunch.

We’re all enjoying having veggies again. My kids are munching on baby carrots. For each math problem my son finishes, he can eat a carrot. This gives him a few very small breaks but still gets the math done.

I’m also trying to increase my calcium. That sometimes can help with weight loss. I bought 2 big cartons of Mountain High plain yogurt and a box of Special K cereal to sprinkle into it. The pre-fruited yogurts have way to much sugar and additives. I’ll find out at the end of the week if this change of foods will make a difference again.


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