Blah week, it’s only Tuesday

Today was another blah day. It’s not that nothing happened. It’s just that everything has gone sort of wrong. Nothing super major, just a collection of frustrating problems to deal with. A pipe froze. My husband and worker got that fixed and another one froze. This one was more problematic. It took 2 days to find and thaw.

Our furnace at the house is leaking again. It’s also not holding water pressure properly. As a result, my son’s room is cold. I tried to bleed air out of his pipes but the low pressure means that instead of letting air out, it actually let it in. Ugh.

My son had an upset stomach today. Now I have an upset stomach tonight. My daughter just came out and said she has a tummy ache. I’ve drank some Coke which has helped a little. I didn’t exercise at all yesterday. Tonight I only did the first half of Ramp It Up. I have no idea what the scale will say for this week. I haven’t been eating very well.

This is week 6 of doing Slim in 6. I want to keep my weight loss going but looking for something a bit more fun than the Slim in 6 traditional exercises. I don’t think I’ll lose much more by doing Burn It Up for the next 5 weeks. I ordered Turbo Jam from BeachBody’s website and had some problems with their customer service. I also ordered Rockin Body by BeachBody from e-bay. I hope they arrive in time to do before we leave for vacation in a month.

Hopefully we can take it easy tomorrow and nothing else will go wrong. I also hope this stomach trouble isn’t the start of stomach flu. I guess most of my problem is being tired. I don’t like this time of year. I always have the blahs so much more starting February until late spring. This is when my SAD is at it’s worst. Most people are bothered most in fall or early winter. For me it’s late winter and spring.

On the plus side, yesterday’s mail had some goodies. Our cruise tickets, some books my husband ordered, and the kids nature magazines. I also got an e-mail from the visa service that our travel documents had been completed and shipped.


3 Responses

  1. Ugh. May today be a much better day!

    May everyone get healthy, the various things be repaired, and you find the rest and peacefulness you long for. Here’s to a great Wednesday! [smile]


  2. Luke,
    Hey thanks! Today has gone better. I’ve gotten caught up on my overdue collections reports and closed out the last of 2008 accounts. Feeling better too. While I haven’t exercised yet, it’s still only mid-afternoon. There’s a water aerobics class at the gym this evening I’m going to try to go to.

  3. There have been a lot of battles or fires to put out for all of us this winter it seems. We hope all is well soon for you and yours. Just think break up is coming soon…..I hope.

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