A workout community

I went to the gym this evening for water aerobics. I started going over the summer before going to VA. Then again when I got back until around Christmas. The instructor is great. She had to have surgery on her shoulder and quit for a while. Well she’s back now. The ladies filling in for her were good but not the same. They did more bouncing around in the water rather than specific exercises.

I had fun tonight. There are about 9 -12 people that regularly attend. It’s a great bunch. We joke around and have fun for that hour. We also help each other if someone is having difficulty and encourage each other. The instructor keeps things light and lively, yet works us.

I didn’t realize until I went tonight how much I missed this group of people. It helps to find a community of like minded people to work out with. It makes the time go faster. You have someone to encourage you or support you on a bad day. There’s someone to tell your difficulties to. As a result, you get more results from your workouts.

One thing about group classes. Perhaps it’s just me but if I’m in an aerobic class, I want a fit (or at least not super overweight) person leading it. Someone who can be a good role model. I don’t care how great your personality is, if you’re up there shaking your fat around, that’s just not motivating. I’m wondering why you aren’t more fit. How you can lead a 30-60 minute class several times a week for months at a time and not be more toned? I’d prefer you in the class beside me, not in front leading. I don’t know why this makes a difference but it does. I put more effort into classes led by fit people. I want to look like them. Plus, they have more energy to spur everyone on to a higher level.


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  1. Thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog. I like Mythbusters as well, but I rarely have time for tv at all. Most of what I watch is in the gym while I’m working out. đŸ˜‰

    I completely agree with your comment about a fit vs. fat instructor. If the instructor is fat, and she teaches the class several times a week, how in the world are her students supposed to get fit? Clearly what she’s doing isn’t making her lose weight!

  2. TV’s at the gym are the best of both. We get our shows and exercise. No couch potatoes like that.

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