Thank you CLE

Yesterday’s mail had a surprise for me. A check for almost $30 from Christian Light Education. It wasn’t a refund, it was a paycheck. As those of you who read last summer’s posts, I went down to Christian Light’s teacher training in Virginia. At the end, they asked me to write a brief testimonial of how I apply what I learned to my homeschool. I don’t know how many other trainees were asked to do this. Anyway, I submitted my article and they accepted it for publication! I’m now a paid author!

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  1. Hey,
    I just read your testimonial on their website! How was the training? Was it expensive? I’ve never used CLE; what do you like about it? Sorry to be so inquisitive, but I’m new at this!

  2. Hi Homeschoolnewbie,

    Great questions. Sorry it took me so long to reply but I was on vacation.

    First about CLE in general. One of the things I like about CLE is that that aren’t expensive. They are Bible based conservative Mennonite company so I don’t worry about inappropriate content at all. They are both very thorough and engaging. Study skills are interwoven throughout the subjects so they learn how to learn as well as the basic subjects. I use them for language arts and reading. My son is very hands-on so I use a literature/activities based program for history (Winter Promise) and a manipulative/text program (Math U See) for math. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to recomend CLE for these as well. We started with the others before I found about CLE and really liked them so I decided not to switch. I’m starting my daughter in CLE Learning to Read this fall.

    Now about the training. It was a great experience. I came down to Virginia from Alaska. It helped give me ideas and suggestions about better using their programs as well as schooling in general. As like all CLE programs, it wasn’t expensive. It was a week long, intensive training. We started about 8am until 5pm with a lunch break. All meals and lodging are seperate charge but extreemely reasonable. You stay with a local Mennonite family. I would recomend it if you are serious about teaching using CLE. They have a few other places they do training sessions so you could check to see if they are closer if you really want to do it in person. Be prepared to study as it is intensive with testing on topics throughout the week. I got a great deal on plane tickets, but you can do it as a homestudy course if traveling isn’t possible.

    No need to appologize. I don’t mind helping others homeschool. Let me know if you have more questions.

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