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Grrr. I am so frustrated right now! I placed an online order with BeachBody last night. BeachBody has great products and fitness support but absolutely lousy customer service if you have questions about your order. It is farmed out to what sounds like India. Each department is unable to communicate with the others.

You get bounced around from phone number to phone number (forget about transfers, you have to hang up and call a different number) to the internet and back.The phone number on the internet order confirmation they sent me says the “number can not be accessed from your area”. I’m in Alaska. That’s still part of the United States last time I checked. It’s not like I’m calling from overseas.

They sent me a confirmation e-mail. It included “estimated” sales tax of 91 cents. We don’t have sales tax in Alaska so I wanted to find out where they got that number. I called a phone number and was told the order was too recent and call back later. This morning I called and was told their never was any tax. I asked for a confirmation or new receipt without the tax. The man told me he couldn’t do that. I’d need to call another number or go online. I tried that number and got nowhere. Then after they don’t answer your question they ask if you’re satisfied with their service!

I tried to log onto the BeachBody customer service. It said invalid password. I tried to Find Password and was told my e-mail wasn’t in the system. I then tried to create a new account and it said the e-mail was already in the system. How can it be both?

I was going to order another product from them but after the customer service nightmare, I bought it on e-bay instead. Last time I had BeachBody ship to my PO Box and it took 7 weeks and another customer service nightmare! This time I gave them my house address. The e-bay item will be sent to the PO Box. I’m curious to see which arrives first.

UPDATE: It shipped on Tuesday and the tax had indeed been removed. I hope it arrives soon. Also they gave me free shipping to compensate for my troubles. It makes all the difference when you get someone who knows how to help you. Now I’m really excited. If I knew which flight the mail sack was on I’d go meet it at the airport.


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  1. Hi akhomeschoolfun,

    My name is Pierre and I work with beachbody and I sincerely apologize for the customer service you have received. I wish that you were able to contact me some how because none of this would have happened. I am going to give you our corporate call center number which is in Los angeles, and is always the best number to call 1-800-240-1068. I am also going to leave you my email which I personally check and will respond to within 24 business hours. The address is If you need anything please do not hesitate to email or call in. Again I apologize for the service and wish you the best during your workouts! If anyone reading this has any issue whatsoever with Beachbody please contact me. Thank you. Pierre

  2. Thank you. I’d suggest you audit the way your customer service is handled. I don’t think I’m the only one who may have had this problem. Like I said, I love your products (I’m a repeat customer now afterall) but your customer service leaves something to be desired. The phone numbers I was given are 866-370-8216, (800)470-7870, (800)818-5174 (this was the one not reachable from my area), (800)983-8828, and finally (800)207-0420. As you can see, I got shuffled around quite a bit and didn’t get my questions answered. I’ve also asked online about the login problem and am still waiting for a response.

  3. Hi! Regarding the log in.

    We do apologize for any confusion with the login feature for Returning Account Holders. This option is available only to past customers who previously registered through the website when placing an order. Returning Account Holders does not presently provide Order History or Order Tracking Information. The newsletter subscription is a completely separate database.

    If you wish to place an order, and the website does not recognize your email address as having been previously registered, you may order as a New Customer/Guest. If you have any questions regarding order status or account information, please contact our customer service via phone, live chat, or email.

    That is the verbiage used for people with that problem. I know we are currently working on having it when you sign in you can track/view your order. Again I apologize for the confusion on this! Please feel free to email me if you have any additional questions or concerns. Pierre

  4. Pierre,
    Umm. That doesn’t quite fit my problem. I DID contact via phone (5 different numbers to be exact!) but didn’t get my question answered (they all told me to go online or try another phone number). I am a returning customer through the website, although it was several years ago. I assume that’s why it said e-mail already on file when trying to do new customer. It also wouldn’t let me contact customer service without being logged in unless it was “Ask a question”, which I did but still received no reply.

    It’s not that I can’t track/view my order. I can’t log in at all. One login says e-mail invalid and when creating new it says e-mail already exists. I understand about having two different databases, one for orders and another for newsletters but I was using the “My Stuff” login page of the customer service part of the website when I got both login errors.

    All I really want is a receipt that shows no tax and a shipping date. It’s been 3 days since the confirmation e-mail saying a ship date would be e-mailed within 1-2 days.

  5. Hi,

    Can you email me at

    All I would need is your name and billing address. There is NO tax charged in Alaska. I am positive you were not charged for this.

    I will also check your status and keep you updated personally.

    Thank you.


  6. Pierre,
    Sure, I’ll send you that now. Look for message with subject AK Homeschool Fun

  7. UPDATE: Pierre says it shipped on Tuesday and the tax had indeed been removed. I hope it arrives soon. Also they gave me free shipping to compensate for my troubles. It makes all the difference when you get someone who knows how to help you. Now I’m really excited. If I knew which flight the mail sack was on I’d go meet it at the airport. 😆

  8. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected when I found a link on SU telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

  9. I have know what you mean. good advice, wish I had read this a month ago. ha 🙂

  10. Rather superb entry, very helpful stuff. Never thought I would find the info I need right here. I have been looking throughout the internet for some time now and had been starting to get discouraged. Thankfully, I stumbled across your internet site and got exactly what I was hunting for.

  11. Sid,
    I’m glad you found my blog useful. Bad customer service is one of my pet peeves. If my bad experience has helped you then perhaps good can come from bad. Thanks for your visit.

  12. Hi there,
    I know it’s been a while since your purchase but I was just perusing this site and thought I’d extend my offer to help “coach” you if you’d like! I’m a Beachbody coach and sometimes you can save a little $$$ purchasing from a coach vs. the infomercial. Here’s my website if you’d like to take a look at all the new products available!

  13. Kari,
    I seem to be collecting BeachBody coach offers 🙂 I feel like an athlete being courted by different teams.

  14. Hi I just came across this post, sorry you had a rough time with your order but I’m sure all is well now. My wife and I are also home schoolers and Diamond Beachbody Coaches in Alaska. I’m not trying to recruit you to join our team of coaches, just wanted you know that there is some local support in Anchorage AK if you needed it. My experience with BB and shipping issues have always ended positive, and it sounds like yours did too.

    By the way, what home school program are you using? We are using Family Partnership, a charter school with the Anchorage School District.

  15. Hi Russel,

    We use Chugach. They are based out of Anchorage but their “brick and mortar” schools are in Prince William Sound communities of Whittier, Tatilik, and Chanega Bay.

    Yeah, I just wish they would have a better system. This is one of the few companies I can count on having shipping problems. I heard they have a new system and I hope it is better. Haven’t ordered anything in awhile. I just got a fitball from a yard sale for $2. Can I order just the videos from TurboJam: Get on the Ball or do I have to get the ball and stuff too?

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