Fitness update 2009 #5

This has been a fantastic week. I’ve had my biggest weekly weight loss yet, two and a half pounds! I’ve been strict about NO S eating and started the third level of Slim in 6 (Burn It Up!) this week. As a result, I’m down to 165.25 and have now gone below the monthly weight goal.

I’ve been doing Burn It Up! since Sunday. What a workout. Here’s where you finally start to see big results. I’ve had modest results from the first 2 levels, but this third is very intense. Just like starting the other 2 levels, this one kicked my butt the first day. It was worse than going from level 1 to level 2 because there are fewer similar moves. The ones that are the same she does more reps. Plus this is a full hour. The cario is half an hour then strength training for 20 minutes. Finally stretching and yoga for the last 10 minutes or so. She goes from one move to the next with no pause except after the cardio to get ready for strength. You’re moving the entire time.

Next week is probably the last scheduled week with the Slim in 6. I’m looking for something to follow it up with that will keep the results coming. I’m ordering Turbo Jam: Maximum Results. I want something fun and less structured that’s also high intensity but low impact easy on the knees. It’s from the same company as Slim in 6. Have any of you done it?

We went to Subway yesterday and I still managed to have a weight loss. I was good and had a 6 inch sandwich with honey mustard instead of mayo. I had the baked chips and a soda. My son drank my soda thinking it was his. I refilled it before we left but my daughter drank that while I was out of the room.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    Good work on your weight loss. Keep it up.

    My real goal is to run a 5K, so I’m doing the Couch to 5K program — it’s a nine week program. I’m on my third time through week 3, and I haven’t made it through my first run yet. But I’m getting closer, and I’m getting better!

    I’ve never done turbo jam, but I’m doing the “Biggest Looser Boot Camp” on my days off from running.

    I want to buy every exercise video I see advertised, because I like variety, but my husband makes fun of me, especially because I want “Yoga Booty Ballet”

    I grew up in and around Juneau, and spent some time on correspondence. It was the best time learning and being with family. I’m so grateful to my parents for letting us have experiences that will never compare to spending that time in a classroom.

  2. Jodi,
    I ordered 2 more BeachBody programs (Turbo Jam Max and Rockin Body) over the weekend. I want to keep my weight loss going and have fun. How do you like Boot Camp? What does it have you doing? YBB does sound fun too even if it does have a silly name, that’s part of the fun.

    I’m not a runner. Have you seen Run4Change blog? He does a lot of running and may be able to give you some tips. A 5K is a great goal.

    We were in Juneau about 4 years ago for a week. We took the tram up the mountain and drove out to Mendenhall Glacier. I think my friend and I impressed the tourists by wading barefoot across the glacier stream.

  3. I like the Boot Camp dvd. It’s kinda like slim in 6, as it has different levels of work out. But rather than moving from one level to another, the work outs build on each other. There is a warm up, cool down and then boot camp 1, boot camp 2, and boot camp 3. The ‘predefined’ level one includes the warm up, boot camp 1, and cool down. Level two includes the warm up, boot camp 1, boot camp 2 and cool down… But you can also customize your work out, and add any of the pieces. So you could do the warm up, boot camp 1, boot camp 3, and then the cool down. I like how it gives you the different options. It is circut training, lots of squats and upperbody weights integrated with bursts of cardio. One circut is jumping jacks, the next is boxing.

    I’ll take a look at Run4Change blog — thanks.

    We loved swimming in the kettle ponds at the glacier (they warmed up a bit if we got some sun.) It was always fun to impress the tourists. 🙂

    Good luck on your journey.

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