Monthly weight met!

Yeah! Hooray! With no gimicks today, I’ve met my goal weight for the month, 166! Surpassed it actually by almost quarter of a pound. Not bad considering how bumpy my weight loss has been this month. I just need to keep at or below the goal for the rest of the week and it’s pay time. I’ll be curious on Thursday what my weekly loss will be this week. I’ve really been trying hard.

I’m starting to notice a change in my body. Theres a hollow dent like spot between my ribs and waist on both sides. I had to use a tighter notch in my bra this morning. I have more energy and am less out of breath when exercising. Oh, and I did Burn It Up again today (except the leg floor work, that’s just painful).

One bad fitness related note today. We took the kids swimming for an hour yesterday.  Last night my face was red and very painful from the chlorine even though I did take a shower after swimming. I put cream on it last night and it was feeling better this morning. This afternoon, I started sweating a lot while exercising and my sweat smelled like chlorine! Ugh! Now my face is red and sore again. Not as bad as last night, but it still hurts.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on reaching your monthly weight goal!!!! That is fabulous!!

    On the redness — we live in Florida and it’s amazing the amount of chlorine used to keep pools clean down here (it never gets cold enough to kill the bad stuff off so folks go overboard on the chemicals 😦 )

    If you can get an over-the-counter corticosteroid cream – that will help take the itch away and a cool compress on your face or even soaking in a tub with baking soda or some Aveeno added to the water will also help soothe the burning and itching as well.

    I hope you’re feeling better — and keep up the good work!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m feeling better. It took 2 days of workouts to sweat it all out though. I’m still doing level 3: Burn It Up! of Slim in 6. Just did today’s workout and feel great! I’ll have my weekly fitness update post tomorrow.

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