Greedy eating

Are you a greedy eater? Do you order more than you know you’ll eat to be full? Do you order a footlong sandwich when a 6 inch will do just because it’s only a little more expensive but twice the food? Do you order the large fries and drink? Do you go back for more at the salad bar because it’s included with the meal? These are some examples of what I mean by greedy eating.

I admit, I’m a greedy eater in reform. That’s part of the reason I’m overweight now. However, since I’ve started No S Diet, I’ve come to realize what a proper portion size should be. I don’t need the larger size or extra serving, I wanted it. I ordered it because I could. It made economical sense. Economics say if you get a lot more for only a little extra price, it’s a good deal. However, nutritionally it was just the opposite. I stored the extra as fat. My body didn’t need it.

Our bodies have developed this wonderful ability to store extra calories as fat for when we need extra energy or food is scarce. Unfortunately, modern society has done away with hunger for the most part. In fact, we have gone the other direction. Food is in abundance in America for relatively low cost. Food is everywhere. We are constantly barraged with food ads in magazines, newspapers, tv, on the radio (and probably billboards too although billboards are illegal in Alaska). They are even printed on city buses and public spaces.

All this easily available cheap food can cause greedy eating habits. Another example is finishing the last little serving in the dish just to use it up. My bread machine makes large loaves. One of my favorite sandwiches is tuna. I make more than we need usually because I’m never sure how much the kids will eat. Rather than having leftovers, my husband and I usually made another sandwich and ate it even if we weren’t really hungry anymore.

I’ve come to recognize many of my eating habits as greedy eating or emotional eating. I don’t really need the food. I just want it. After getting used to smaller portion sizes and only single servings, I’m satisfied instead of stuffed after a meal. For instance, I’ve been eating full sandwiches (or even multiple sandwiches) everyday out of habit not necessarily need. Today I shared a sandwich with my daughter rather than eat a full one myself. I realized I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t need a full sandwich.

Breaking the greedy eating habit hasn’t been easy. My body had gotten used to the larger portions and multiple servings. When I first started No S diet, I was hungry. Perseverance has paid off though. I’ve lost 5 pounds so far. I’m still tempted to take another serving sometimes but then I think, am I really still hungry of just being greedy again?

So now I’m challenging you to break your greedy eating habit. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods. Just enjoy them in moderation.


2 Responses

  1. “Competitive” eating is almost the same thing. We eat more when we are with other people. We want our share! It’s tough to be the only one who doesn’t eat the chocolate creme pie. I did it last night. A piece was left for me! I threw it out this morning when no one was looking. Everyone had a full meal, second helpings for those who wanted them, and they still desired the sweet dessert. But if the pie had been sitting in the freezer, maybe one person would have had a piece instead of everyone (but me) digging in. You probably already know about serving your plate in the kitchen and not putting bowls of food on the table. This will keep down competitive eating. Yours is just what’s before you.

  2. Magdelena,
    You must have a lot of self control to resist chocolate cream pie. I’m not sure I could, even if just taking a few nibbles. It’s amazing what we eat just to be polite. That’s a good idea about leaving the pots on the stove rather than the table, inviting seconds. With company, we do buffet style at the kitchen then take plates to the dining room table. That way everyone gets the amount they want. Our everyday table is right beside the stove. I still leave the pots on the stove and serve plates but it’s so close seconds are just a grab away. For family meals, I’ve started making less instead. Or else I make way too much letting everyone know I’m intending leftovers the next day’s lunch. It seems to have worked.

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